Friday, January 22, 2010

I was turned into SHARK BAIT! Fresno, CA

As I have repeated stated, the hell has never ended.  Once targeted, there is no way out of this nightmare. (Click: Marla) Stripped of human and civil rights, prohibited from help or even filing a report! This is merely the latest example of ongoing hell and how I am treated after being set up for annihilation by the City of Fresno so they could seize control of my property to carry out their water scam. 

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Most recently, behind my back without my knowledge or consent, my cement driveway was torn up - replaced with brand new cement. WHAT WAS DONE THIS TIME? A repeat of what took place the first time - my home torn up and rebuilt on top of the City's secrety-replaced water system!  South side of house cut back so far the crawl space in basement no longer exists - now a cinder block wall!  Driveway cut back so much I can no longer get into the vehicle without hitting the sides. I live in absolute terror as the horrors continue.

At the very least I wanted this documented. I was/am entitled to report such vandalism on PRIVATE PROPERTY so I filed an online Police report.  Which was refused - just as all my other reports have been refused.  Instead, the City of Fresno altered records to cover up what took place, committed perjury to deny, issued a Restraining Order against ME as though I am the criminal, followed by sexual harassment (in-between being raped) and death threats if I continue to seek help or restitution for what they did to me!

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AFTER ANOTHER ATTEMPT TO BE ACKNOWLEDGED, I STARTED COMPLETELY OVER - FILED A NEW REPORT, REFERENCING THE TEMPORARY CASE NUMBER. Finally, after nearly 3 weeks, it was acknowledged. Turned over to someone with higher authority, CHECK THIS OUT!

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