Sunday, October 25, 2009

Names of five CA victims of David Silva, atty

VICTIM$ OF DAVID A. $ILVA, ATTY (Cases totaling hundred$ of thousand$)

Monica Lemos

Manuela Ramirez

Stacy Jura

Estate of Michael Yankulich

Maria Bautista

These above clients (and how many others) of Fresno's David A. Silva, atty were abandoned. No explanation, Mr. Silva took their money and files - he fled, never to be seen again. No recourse.

Dates on Mr. Silva's disciplinary papers indicate Mr. Silva's sudden departure taking place immediatley after being reported by me, for fraud. Despite the fact that others began reporting him shortly afterwards, State Bar of CA deemed his fraud against me as nothing more than "accidents."

More research indicates that Mr. Silva may not have even been a legitimate attorney! Who is protecting the public from these kinds of horrors? State Bar of CA? It does not appear so.

Click: David A. Silva, atty

Saturday, October 24, 2009

STATE BAR OF CA covered up for David A. Silva, attorney

As you can see, David A. Silva, atty secretly closed his office immediately after I reported him - never to be seen again!

Here you can see he was served on DECEMBER 5, 2004. Because he abandoned all his clients and absconded with their money and files!

That did not stop CA State Bar Assn of deeming Mr. Silva's blatant fraud with Wilbert G. Swieso as nothing more than "accidents" despite the fact that he fled after being reported (9 mos. earlier) and was under investigation for MORE FRAUD!

(BTW: The documents were indeed recorded.)

Was Mr. Silva a legitimate attorney? He was not even listed in directories. He "shared" clients with Mr. Swieso and said he obtained other clients by "referral."

Such as this?!? All linked to Mr. Swieso.

Behind the secret water diversion operation described on my page. Property owners being annihilated; property taken by fraud. Click: Marla

Friday, October 23, 2009

Fresno: Power surges, Smart Meters, Utility Theft, More

Countless articles describe the devastation that can happen to a computer during a power surge. Below are just 2 examples.

Click: Power Surge and Hard Drive Failure

Click: Power Surge Data Loss

Power surges can also damage home appliances.

In Fresno, the problem with power surges is excessive - no explanation.

CLICK: Fresno Suffers More Power Outages Than Neighboring Communities 07/26/07

Excessive utility rates have become another issue here in Fresno, CA. Smart Meters are being blamed. Yet nothing can be found wrong with the Smart Meters.

PG&E Smart Meters Under Fire 10/21/09

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Fresno's electric infrastructure is a mess. Unauthorized switching, relocating, reconnecting of utility poles - no enforcement of code regulations. Complete re-wiring of structures without permits or inspections. Code violations everywhere. Public records altered to cover up what is taking place, leaving residents without help or recourse.
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To see/understand the magnitude of what is secretly taking place throughout Fresno, CA (and nearby cities) Click: Marla

Sunday, October 11, 2009

FRESNO! Who else threatened re: property lines?!?

Another victim has come forward.

RECAP: Structures throughout Fresno are being rebuilt on top of the secretly replaced water system.

Removal of various structures; expansion of others. Streets widened. Every property line altered.

No record for any of this. Reconstruction without permits or inspections. Property resold; parcel maps illegally altered in escrow, as though things were always as they are now.

The new parcel map is then presented to the neighbor/s who are threatened with lawsuits by this mob, over the CITY OF FRESNO'S property lines!

And the altering of more property lines continues - absolutely no record that anything ever took place.

Block by block, over the last 50 yrs, every property rebuilt with new property lines.

Ringleader behind this is former employee of the City of Fresno, Wilbert Swieso. He said this is behind the valley's water shortage - secret water diversion, further laughing that the public, including farmers without water, will never figure this out.

See my page for more: CLICK: Marla Or CLICK: Behind Mayor Autry's So-Called, "Infrastructure Upgrade

In the meantime, please let me know if you or anyone else have been victimized by this group.