Thursday, December 4, 2008

Copy of PLEA FOR HELP (Predicted Earthquake - Fresno, CA)

A 50+/- yr cover-up has been discovered here in Fresno, CA. Our entire city has been turned inside out in order to secretly replace/alter the water system (diversion) for upcoming development ELSEWHERE. Done in a barbaric manner, entailing massive damages/reconstruction to structures throughout Fresno; altered records to cover up the evidence. The city is setting on top of clamped sewer/water lines; code violations; utility poles relocated/reconnected - no permits or inspections for any of this because other than conspiring with various city employees, the group behind this (I have names) is not authorized or licensed.

As a matter of interest, the ringleader is a former employee of the City of Fresno. Now an insurance agent/estate planner, preying on clients and robbing their estates. He has the city risk analyst conspiring in setting up various residents for annihilation in order to "clear the path" for what takes place. It appears that this operation has become nothing less than a free-for-all burglary, murder, real estate theft operation. Needless to say, it is the people involved in this who are frantically denying what has been uncovered.

There is no way possible that this shoddy workmanship is in compliance with State or Federal guidelines. Naturally there is no help or answers - only lies, threats and name-calling.

Our chances for surviving a predicted earthquake have been greatly impaired - can you direct me to an agency that may be able to help? Will appreciate hearing back.