Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Fresno County Psychologist Involved in Horrors

Among the duties of a psychologist, trust is first and foremost.

Never would I have suspected my neighbor, William Siegfried, a long-time psychologist for the County of Fresno of being involved in the horrors accompanying the City of Fresno's central valley water scam - 60 yrs of rebuilding the city (and far beyond) on top of the revised underground infrastructures.  Reports of poisoning, looting, rape, id theft, murders, property theft, alleged baby-selling operation.  Several of the group behind what took place in this area (linked to Dr. Siegfried) boast of administering chemicals to keep their victims oblivious as the annihilation / takeovers are carried out.  The trail speaks for itself. 

Not only was I a victim of this group, including many years of being administered unknown chemicals without my knowledge, I saw the consequences of the same thing done to others as this group (linked to Dr. Siegfried) ended up with the assets and properties as done here.  Not only were my family members victimized and left dead, it was not expected I would still be alive either as they zeroed in.  Ongoing poison as the properties were being looted - rape, catheterization while being incapacitated during reconstruction.

In addition to the "planted" neighbors, who were rewarded to participate then deny what was taking place on all these properties, Jeffry Winslow was one of the last people to have been poisoning me via so-called "herbs" and his "special powder" in food and beverages.  Even demanding I open my mouth so he could verify I swallowed those pills he claimed were "vitamins." As I continued to go downhill, he told me he would be taking my family's properties as I was scheduled to meet the others, "in another world." His associate, Wilbert Swieso (self-proclaimed mastermind behind this operation) conspired with David A. Silva, atty (fake?) in fraudulent legal documentsDiBuduo & DeFendis Insurance  conspired with Wilbert Swieso in cancellation of property insurance / non-renewal as horrific damages (loosened, clamped water lines, covered in new cement) were taking over. 

Due to the unknown chemicals, not only was my behavior becoming erratic as my reputation and credibilty were being destroyed, I did not realize what was taking place.  Such as years of all the "renovations" in the area being linked.  Including Dr. Siegfried's home.  Or that my family was being targeted for annihilation so the same thing could take place on our 3 properties. 

How flattered I was when Mr. Siegfried asked me to be his "secretary" at the Neighborhood Block Party he gave.  He handed out PARCEL MAPS to everyone.  I was so far gone I did not yet realize  these parcel maps had been ALTERED to match all the years of major reconstruction and new property lines!! 

Dr. Siegried was always telling me what an honest person and psychologist he was.  Said if I ever needed to talk to anyone, he would be more than willing "at no charge."  What was he going to tell me - that I imagined all of this as his accomplices claimed I did?  As HE personally claimed no knowledge ?  This operation is MASSIVE - is this what he does or tells all his patients who are undergoing the same horrors? 

Dr. Siegfried's home / parcel nearly DOUBLED in size as the house next door to him was removed; others shifted down throughout the years in a "ripple effect."

Original owner of the house shown above, lived there 70 yrs. Dr. Siegfried was the 3rd owner, continuing where the previous one left off.  Once Dr. Siegfried was no longer needed, he said he was relocating (1/2-mile away) due to our neighborhood going downhill - he did not like the black family that seemed to be taking over - including my next-door neighbors (who were "planted"here before HE came along to participate!)  Further advising me to relocate before it was too late. IT WAS already TOO LATE!!!

And like everyone else, Dr. Siegfried ended up with a new vehicle before moving.  From what he told me, even a beach home.  (Odd, since  he claimed he could barely make ends meet after the County put everyone on leave for several months.)  The house was sold to friends of Dr. Siegfried and his neighbor next door to the south - a couple who previously lived 2 doors south, around the corner, next door to the "unsolved" William Polzin murder. (Ongoing intertwining / relocating among participants as torch is passed - outsiders / victims remain oblivious.) 

Streets widened, structures completely rebuilt on top of the City's secretly-replaced water system.  Street lights, utility poles, rain gutters relocated.  Why would the City of Fresno deny all of this and accuse me of "imagining" it?!?  After all, not only are there witnesses and photographs showing all the above changes, the City's unaltered records verify EXACTLY what took place! 

Hello, Dr. Siegfried?  Did I imagine this too? (Lawns on both our properties shown on bottom portion.)

Dr. Siegfried's next-door neighbor was Mr. D. They claimed to be long-time friends, dating back to when they lived in Chicago - late 70s. Click on Mr. D's name - more deaths, more people called "crazy" behind water scam.

By the time it was over for me, I was reporting burglaries, information and evidence behind murders, attempted murder of me, fraudulent legal documents, fraudulent insurance policy, much more. In return, a Restraining Order was issued against me followed by death threats and sexual harassment from the City of Fresno.

Helpless, vulnerable people go to Dr. Siegfried, in need of the service he claims to provide.  They trust and believe in him, as they should be able to do without fear of what he (and his accomplices) are doing behind closed doors.  From what I understand, he is even licensed to prescribe various medications. The problem is that his clientele may very well already be drugged without their knowledge, causing the problems they are seeking help for!

Dr. Siegfried is in a position to obtain enough information about his clients that would allow for them to be victimized by this group - then he could counsel and assure them that they "imagined it" too!?!   Who better to discredit or set someone up than a licensed psychologist.

No different than with Mr. Swieso, with his impeccable reputation.  Reports not allowed when linked to the water scam. Worse when reported by someone whose reputation and credibility were destroyed while being poisoned (by their group!)

Below:  Courtesy of Jeffry Winslow after reporting him for alleged poisoning of me with intent to take properties by fraud.  He told me he "got rid of" wife # 2 to pull this off; said I would meet her "in another world."  So after discovering forged (verified by licensed handwriting expert) legal documents - this is his letter of denial.  Using MY behavior while being poisoned BY HIM to deny what he did to his "alleged" earlier victim?!? 

(Click to enlarge)

Also reported to ====> CLICK: Jason @ Secret Service.

My continued efforts to seek help for what was done to my family and me has only resulted in ongoing death threats. Several attempts already made. Knowing that this psychologist is part of a heinous operation that entails such atrocities, I am concerned for the safety and well-being of his patients. I consider this man to be extreme danger, especially in the field he is in.

With our economy crumbling, people being annihilated behind the water scam, loss of jobs and insurance benefits, more and more people will be seeking help from local and County resources. Many of those in need of help from a psychologist will unknowingly find themselves at the mercy of this man?!?  I cannot imagine what a licensed psychologist and his group are capable of doing to someone under the influence of these unknown chemicals. What this man's group did to me (not mentioned here) was beyond cruel and inhumane.

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