Friday, September 19, 2008

How Fresno's Secret Service Handled VERIFIED Forgeries

I presented copies of VERIFIED forgeries to Jason, at the Fresno, CA Secret Service office. He said he would need the original copies of my information before an investigation could begin. I returned the following day with the original copies. Among the paperwork, this is a copy of the letter from the licensed handwriting expert regarding the deeds I presented to Jason:

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Not wanting to be a pest, I waited 2+ months before contacting Jason for an update. He then demanded, "This did not happen! Do you understand me - you are 'crazy' and need to be admitted to the county hospital!" I would not have contacted him again had I not been in fear for my life - the people behind this nightmare had tried to kill me and I needed help! The panic in my voice only served to set Jason off on another tirade, "You sound crazy!" And what did he sound like.

Unable to get help from any of the local agencies, I was so desperate I reported this to the Better Business Bureau! If nothing else, I was hoping for a response from Mr. Winslow regarding the forged documents of his former wife who has not been seen in years. After all, Mr. Winslow not only told me he had to "get rid of her" due to her "crazy and psychotic" behavior, he had the audacity to tell me he intended on taking my family's properties over with me scheduled to meet his former wife and the others, "IN ANOTHER WORLD!"  Mr. Winslow's associate had already conspired in having fraudulent legal documents for my family's properties prepared - exactly as I was reporting!

Friends, this is a classic example of how Mr. Winslow and his entourage have been carrying out one of the biggest and most corrupt operations in the history of CA (described in earlier blogs.) INSTRUCTIONS: If you can make your victim appear guilty of *whatever* and crazy as hell (via chemicals and hidden cameras and recorders), the so-called "experts" will assist you in getting by with whatever you want. They will NEVER look into YOUR background / trail - with the focus kept on the "crazy" person, they will help you carry out even more.

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Hello Jason? Is everyone in your office as "smart" and "insightful" as you are? Jeffry Curtis Winslow thinks you are an asshole - and so does Mark, the hot shot from the USAF who sent me to see you. 

No wonder Mr. Winslow used to laugh, "I know people better than they know themselves." He certainly does.  With a trail that speaks for itself.  Nice work, Jason!

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