Thursday, August 21, 2008

What is the SH*T in our tap water!?! Fresno, CA

Excuse me, the proper term is “nitrates.” Human waste.

Why is this problem escalating year after year, to the point that pregnant women, babies, elderly and those with compromised immune systems are advised not to drink it?!? Why are Fresno's watersheds among the dirtiest/worst in the nation? Click here for some shocking facts pertaining to Fresno, CA's water quality:

Why do you suppose that Fresno's Public Works has been caught lying to the public about the dangerous levels of chemicals in our tap water? Same reason they are lying to the public about the massive amounts of raw sewage they are discharging throughout town – they are secretly altering the water system aka: WATER DIVERSION!
Blaming sewage back spills on “negligence in sewer maintenance” or “old pipes” when they are deluging unsuspecting residents in toxic, infectious, disease-carrying raw sewage. The response to the trail of lung/respiratory, illnesses, infections, amputation, death - “Not my problem.”

We are told that this current infrastructure upgrade is being done out of concern for the public – how our officials carry on about the old pipes needing to be replaced. In reality, they are tearing up our water infrastructure and leaving the entire city setting on top of clamped sewer and water lines.

In some cases, sewer and water lines are replaced with rotted, corroded lines, which will break so the city can come back and demand that the owner's property be condemned.  Other times, with these lines loosened, tenants are "planted" to create insurance claims even file law suits.  When the claim exceeds the property insurance limit, they end up owning!

Behind my back, this is what they did to my property after conspiring with my property insurance adjuster – leaving me unable to file a claim for any of destruction or theft that took place.  They also did this to our income properties next door and as mold took over, the insurance was canceled, as the tenant was planning to sue. We lost our income properties – they are still after my house.

Imagine the lead and other deadly contaminants coming from these nasty pipes. Can you imagine the audacity of anyone, let alone city officials committing such heinous crimes.

How can you not think of this when reading about the e.coli outbreaks in Fresno, CA. Massive amounts of raw sewage are not only polluting our air and soil, it is seeping into the ground water. That is behind the escalation of sewage (aka: nitrates) in our tap water.

Raw sewage is deadly. In my case, it resulted in respiratory problems, requiring an inhaler to breathe. Ongoing illness. Excruciatingly painful foot infections that have continued since this nightmare took place. These pictures show only 3 of the many episodes of what was diagnosed as, “cellulitis.” Cellulitis is very serious condition, which often leads to flesh-eating MRSA and/or death. (MRSA breeds in raw sewage.):

Fresno's own Dept. of Health acknowledges the link between MRSA and cellulitis:

"While infection of MRSA is well known in hospitals, a new strain is being found among people without traditional risk factors. MRSA infections that are acquired by persons who have not been recently (within the past year) hospitalized or had a medical procedure (such as dialysis, surgery, catheters) are known as CA-MRSA infections.
CA-MRSA is infecting otherwise healthy people, commonly children, causing skin and soft-tissue lesions such as abscesses, boils and cellulites, which are often times misdiagnosed as spider bites.

It appears that the City of Fresno was the ONLY one in the entire nation to react to the increase in MRSA by increasing medical benefits for THEMSELVES. They instructed the public to "wash our hands" while slamming the door on reports of raw sewage contributing to the nightmare.

I was a caregiver for my handicapped uncle when the horrors began – his hospital visits coincided with sewage back spills.

Update / insert:  Down's Syndrome Man Annihilated Behind City of Fresno Water Scam 
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Diabetics are more susceptible to the contaminants in raw sewage. My next door neighbor first contracted hepatitis; then foot amputation; death age 49.  Neighbor next to him had his foot amputated; then leg amputated.  Man across the street died of toxoplasmosis (sewage-contaminated soil.)  Death upon death.  SEWAGE IS DEADLY!!!

Children play where raw sewage has been discharged. No doubt this is behind the escalation in asthma, where 1 in 6 school children now carry inhalers. Heart disease is among the # 1 heath crisis for women – again, blamed on pollution; no mention of SEWAGE pollution.

The lives, safety and welfare of Fresno residents is insignificant to those who we have been led to believe are acting in our best interest. Targeted victims are being robbed and killed as the path is cleared to carry out this 50+ yr secret water scam.  

By the way - boiling tap water increases the hazard.
Cheers. Sewage sludge.