Thursday, August 21, 2008

What is the SH*T in our tap water!?! Fresno, CA

Excuse me, the proper term is “nitrates.” Human waste.

Why is this problem escalating year after year, to the point that pregnant women, babies, elderly and those with compromised immune systems are advised not to drink it?!? Why are Fresno's watersheds among the dirtiest/worst in the nation? Click here for some shocking facts pertaining to Fresno, CA's water quality:

Why do you suppose that Fresno's Public Works has been caught lying to the public about the dangerous levels of chemicals in our tap water? Same reason they are lying to the public about the massive amounts of raw sewage they are discharging throughout town – they are secretly altering the water system aka: WATER DIVERSION!
Blaming sewage back spills on “negligence in sewer maintenance” or “old pipes” when they are deluging unsuspecting residents in toxic, infectious, disease-carrying raw sewage. The response to the trail of lung/respiratory, illnesses, infections, amputation, death - “Not my problem.”

We are told that this current infrastructure upgrade is being done out of concern for the public – how our officials carry on about the old pipes needing to be replaced. In reality, they are tearing up our water infrastructure and leaving the entire city setting on top of clamped sewer and water lines.

In some cases, sewer and water lines are replaced with rotted, corroded lines, which will break so the city can come back and demand that the owner's property be condemned.  Other times, with these lines loosened, tenants are "planted" to create insurance claims even file law suits.  When the claim exceeds the property insurance limit, they end up owning!

Behind my back, this is what they did to my property after conspiring with my property insurance adjuster – leaving me unable to file a claim for any of destruction or theft that took place.  They also did this to our income properties next door and as mold took over, the insurance was canceled, as the tenant was planning to sue. We lost our income properties – they are still after my house.

Imagine the lead and other deadly contaminants coming from these nasty pipes. Can you imagine the audacity of anyone, let alone city officials committing such heinous crimes.

How can you not think of this when reading about the e.coli outbreaks in Fresno, CA. Massive amounts of raw sewage are not only polluting our air and soil, it is seeping into the ground water. That is behind the escalation of sewage (aka: nitrates) in our tap water.

Raw sewage is deadly. In my case, it resulted in respiratory problems, requiring an inhaler to breathe. Ongoing illness. Excruciatingly painful foot infections that have continued since this nightmare took place. These pictures show only 3 of the many episodes of what was diagnosed as, “cellulitis.” Cellulitis is very serious condition, which often leads to flesh-eating MRSA and/or death. (MRSA breeds in raw sewage.):

Fresno's own Dept. of Health acknowledges the link between MRSA and cellulitis:

"While infection of MRSA is well known in hospitals, a new strain is being found among people without traditional risk factors. MRSA infections that are acquired by persons who have not been recently (within the past year) hospitalized or had a medical procedure (such as dialysis, surgery, catheters) are known as CA-MRSA infections.
CA-MRSA is infecting otherwise healthy people, commonly children, causing skin and soft-tissue lesions such as abscesses, boils and cellulites, which are often times misdiagnosed as spider bites.

It appears that the City of Fresno was the ONLY one in the entire nation to react to the increase in MRSA by increasing medical benefits for THEMSELVES. They instructed the public to "wash our hands" while slamming the door on reports of raw sewage contributing to the nightmare.

I was a caregiver for my handicapped uncle when the horrors began – his hospital visits coincided with sewage back spills.

Update / insert:  Down's Syndrome Man Annihilated Behind City of Fresno Water Scam 
CLICK ===>

Diabetics are more susceptible to the contaminants in raw sewage. My next door neighbor first contracted hepatitis; then foot amputation; death age 49.  Neighbor next to him had his foot amputated; then leg amputated.  Man across the street died of toxoplasmosis (sewage-contaminated soil.)  Death upon death.  SEWAGE IS DEADLY!!!

Children play where raw sewage has been discharged. No doubt this is behind the escalation in asthma, where 1 in 6 school children now carry inhalers. Heart disease is among the # 1 heath crisis for women – again, blamed on pollution; no mention of SEWAGE pollution.

The lives, safety and welfare of Fresno residents is insignificant to those who we have been led to believe are acting in our best interest. Targeted victims are being robbed and killed as the path is cleared to carry out this 50+ yr secret water scam.  

By the way - boiling tap water increases the hazard.
Cheers. Sewage sludge.


Marla said...

What are the health effects?

Short-term: Excessive levels of nitrate in drinking water have caused serious illness and sometimes death. The serious illness in infants is due to the conversion of nitrate to nitrite by the body, which can interfere with the oxygen-carrying capacity of the childs blood. This can be an acute condition in which health deteriorates rapidly over a period of days. Symptoms include shortness of breath and blueness of the skin.

Long-term: Nitrates and nitrites have the potential to cause the following effects from a lifetime exposure at levels above the MCL: diuresis, increased starchy deposits and hemorrhaging of the spleen.

Nitrate levels in drinking water can also be an indicator of overall water quality. Elevated nitrate levels may suggest the possible presence of other contaminants such as disease-causing organisms, pesticides, or other inorganic and organic compounds that could cause health problems.

In addition, some health studies have suggested that exposure to high levels of nitrates could lead to some forms of cancer, but results are inconclusive

What to do if you have high nitrates in your drinking water:
If your drinking water sample tested above the MCL for nitrates and you or someone else in your home is at risk of developing health problems due to high nitrates, it is recommended that you do not drink the water. Find a safe, alternative water supply until you decide on a more permanent solution.

There is no simple way to remove all nitrates from your water. Finding and correcting the source of nitrate contamination is the best course of action. Although it is common to think of boiling, softening or filtration as a means of purifying water, none of these methods reduce nitrate contamination. In fact, boiling water that contains high nitrates can actually increase the nitrate concentration. Reverse osmosis, ion exchange and distillation units could conceivably provide home treatment for removing nitrates from water, but those processes can be complicated, expensive, and generally require routine maintenance. Activated carbon and other simple filters do not remove nitrates to any significant degree. Home treatment units are generally not recommended, particularly as a permanent solution to assure nitrate-free water for infant use.

Your only long-term option may be to find a new source of water.

A newer health concern for nitrate is a possible link with birth deformities.

Several recent studies have correlated nitrate in drinking water with the incidence of type 1 diabetes mellitus.

In the Netherlands the incidence of type 1 diabetes among children 0-4 years old doubled between 1990 and 1995, and the overall incidence in children aged 0-14 years increased 32% between 1980 and 1995, from 11.1 to 14.6 cases per 100,000. Nitrate concentrations in drinking water are tracked in every postal code in the Netherlands. In their ecological and epidemiological study, the authors sorted by postal code the cases of 1,064 children aged 0-14 years who had been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes between 1993 and 1995. They then compared the incidence of diabetes to nitrate exposure as indicated by the water records.

Marla said...

Under the heading: "On the not-so-good citizen side of the ledger:"

Re: Warning pregnant women about drinking the water due to the high levels of nitrates. "The warning should have been prominently highlighted on the front page of the report. Instead, the front page included this prominent claim: "Fresno Water Division Ranked # 1."
It states that various nitrates exceeding drinking water standards were in footnotes printed in type so small it was nearly unreadable.
It states that regardless of tables stating that Fresno did not violate enforcable standards, water exceeded EPA health standards.

Towards the top - under "Executive Summary"

NRDC found that, although drinking water purity has improved slightly during the past 15 years in most cities, overall tap water quality varies widely from city to city. Some cities like Chicago have excellent tap water; most cities have good or mediocre tap water. Yet several cities -- such as Albuquerque, Fresno, and San Francisco -- have water that is sufficiently contaminated so as to pose potential health risks to some consumers, particularly to pregnant women, infants, children, the elderly, and people with compromised immune systems, according to Dr. David Ozonoff, chair of the Environmental Health Program at Boston University School of Public Health and a nationally known expert on drinking water and health issues.

While tap water quality varies, there is one overarching truth that applies to all U.S. cities: unless we take steps now, our tap water will get worse. Two factors pose imminent threats to drinking water quality in America:

First, we are relying on pipes that are, on average, a century old. The water systems in many cities -- including Atlanta, Boston, and Washington, D.C. -- were built toward the end of the 19th century. Not only is our water supply infrastructure breaking down at alarming rates (the nation suffered more than 200,000 water main ruptures in 2002), but old pipes can leach contaminants and breed bacteria in drinking water.