Wednesday, February 26, 2014

FRESNO, CA VIGILANTES! Behind Gruesome Annihilation / Takeovers

Definition of Vigilante: 1. A member of a vigilance committee. 2. Any person who takes the law into his or her own hands, as by avenging a crime. 3. Done violently and summarily, without recourse to lawful procedures: vigilante justice.

The vigilante group in Fresno, CA is using chemicals on victims – whether to incapacitate or turn them into targets for rape, burglary, illegal takeover of properties.  In my case, in addition to the murders of my family members, continuing the chemicals while using hidden cameras as “proof” they have captured the guilty.  Recording me, splicing, networking /altering contents on my hard drive then distributing stacks of it – framing me for crimes I did not commit.  Yet with my behavior while being poisoned was intertwined with what this group provided as “evidence” – I could not look worse. That, of course, is why it was all done behind my back – leaving no chance to defend or protect myself, or the truth being exposed, such as how this mob was setting me up for the upcoming takeover.     

What was done to my family and me, which began back in the 60s as our properties were being altered without out knowledge (same time my parents were being victimized by prominent City official – my father left hospitalized after alleged poisoning by this man) was ruthless.  As the operation continued – the area was being planted with participants as the hell continued.  (That is what the current multi-million dollar cover-up is about – what took place here ties into everything I have been posting.  Never did these people expect me to still be alive after repeated attempts to kill me – least of all expose what they are running.)

Fresno Vigilantes – getting by with raping, VIN altering, talk of child-selling, child sex / dismemberment of the older ones.  They are protected from being reported or held accountable for their acts – after all, they are the “honest and credible” people our officials protect.  Because they also used as witnesses that nothing took place - as our officials participate in the atrocities!!!

Legal fraud, insurance fraud, estate planning fraud.  Fraudulent accountant/s.  Death upon death as targeted properties taken over to carry out water scam – then re-sold as “original” to unsuspecting buyers.  Participants rewarded – vehicles, money, even housing!  Watch the trail – see how many of the participants (in addition to their victims) are then left dead so nothing links back to the vigilantes at the core of this operation. 

Dead victims do not need vehicles
CLICK:  Patrick Garahan / Eberwein Auto Repair

Diane could not escape Patrick’s accomplices – she was recruited to play both ends.  After serving her purpose she pled for help claiming poison with intent to kill.  Dead age 39.

CLICK:  Diane

Larry Gibson Painting – he takes credit for this?!?  Of course he does.  His victim had been set up for elimination - the dead do not expose him.  How did he manage to paint the side of my house?  Not to mention there are no previous layers of paint!  And the carport cut back and moved over so far the windows will no longer open!  Which Larry claims did not take place.  I was so far gone when I hired him to paint my house I allowed HIM to choose the colors.  How convenient he would chose white & gray for what was taking place. 
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Pic ===> Alarm companies involved!

Several hundred feet cut off my home – each side of house and basement –  every room left so much smaller, which was behind the burglary/switching.  Police  reports denied – insurance claims sabotaged as this group had slithered in for  the final annihilation / takeover. 

CLICK:  Photos: Aftermath of what was once a beautiful and immaculate home
CLICK:  Accusing me of murdering my own family - and MUCH more
Framing / blaming others for what THEY DO.

A nightmare that began in the 60s – one group of participants replaced with the next group as the torch continued being passed.  Toward the end, those at the core were dancing in celebration, cheering while telling me they would soon own these properties as well as the neighbors’ properties.  JCW told me about the insurance claim that would pay for the reconstruction of a restaurant being planned, with me scheduled to meet the others, "In another world."   The underground and overhead utilities had been cross-connected (explaining the decades of utility theft as well.)  A major fire was being planned - as done throughout the area over the decades as the water scam / path was being cleared down Olive Ave.  With my family and me eliminated, and these people rewarded for their participation, the truth would never be known.       

Unfortunately for our officials, I lived long enough to expose what had taken place as well as the evidence – not only did that result in retaliation and being treated as the criminal, the multi-million dollar cover-up of these properties and surrounding area ensued.  More altered records and denial of all.  Because what took place here verifies everything I have been saying all along.  Not only the decades of annihilation / takeovers, the methods or participants - the secret water scam which Wilbert Swieso indicated Bonadelle / City of Fresno began back in the late 50s.  As for the cover-up of evidence - it is still here for anyone who is interested or capable of seeing beyond the lies, altered records and smokescreens.

Stripped of all human / civil rights, means of survival, family killed, loss of everything I owned, left alone and isolated, called a “liar” by these “honest and credible” people.  All reports prohibited so they can continue the atrocities – clearing the path behind the water scam.  I never stood a chance – nor did my family members.