Sunday, May 30, 2010

Fresno insurance companies conspire in gruesome operation

Behind central valley water scam. 50 yrs of secret replacement of the water system. Parcel by parcel, block by block, structures rebuilt without permits or inspections on top of secretly-replaced water system.

Wilbert G. Swieso, long time insurance agent, estate planner, Long Term Care broker gains access to his clients' homes with offers of "help with home repairs." Sewage back spills occur, which he claims no knowledge or responsibility for. One repair leads to the next, as he brings in his private work crew. He refers his various home health personnel (involved in the operation) for the illnesses. After the death(s) I often saw him forging insurance papers and altering legal documents while citing his motto, "You can't live for the dead." Not until being targeted did I realize what he was doing.

CLICK: Pattern of deaths follow his "help with home repairs"

In my case, behind my back, Mr. Swieso was conspiring with my property insurance agent Ron Lamm, of DiBuduo & DeFendis Insurance. See how I was set up for total annihilation.

CLICK: Do you think insurance coverage will protect you from the horrors?

Mr. Swieso targeted my family much earlier than one might suspect. It was 1982 when he conspired with Principal Insurance in hiring me. He never let go. Throughout the years I never suspected that he was linked to the horrors as the torch continued being passed for what was coming.  Principal Insurance merely stated that what he did to me had nothing to do with my policy, therefore, they would not address my reports.

CLICK: Swieso's infamous "rotation system" comes full circle


CLICK: Dear PG&E, Here is evidence of Smart Meter fraud ~ would U like names?

Friday, May 28, 2010

Dear PG&E, Here is evidence of Smart Meter fraud ~ would U like names?

Pacific Gas and Electric 

CA Central Valley

Illegal takeover of PG&E's equipment. Despite witnesses, photographs and unaltered records, PG&E has no idea, because their records have been altered to make it appear that no changes have ever taken place. Illegal relocation of PG&E's equipment; rewiring, reconnecting, cross-connecting to illegally relocated/reconnected Smart Meters, etc. The group behind this is not authorized or licensed ~ even the connecting structures are illegally rewired, in some cases, cross-connected for utility theft. (Until this has been addressed, utility theft remains covered up by Disclosure Laws.)

This is an overview of how blocks are being made smaller with structures rebuilt on top of secretly-replaced water system.

How could something so massive be done without the public's knowledge? Very carefully. Over the course of 50 yrs, done in-between sales, under the guise of "renovations" or with "planted" neighbors to serve as "credible witnesses" that nothing took place. As for those occupants who have not relocated in time ~ God help them. (Trail of real estate fraud, ID theft, suspected homicides, unsolved murders follows, also being covered up.)

From street widening, tree pulling, major reconstruction, changes in property lines, relocation of street lights, fire hydrants, storm drains, manholes, PG&E's equipment (utility poles, junction boxes, Smart Meters), etc. there is no record for what is taking place.

Parcel map of block described below. Even though this does not show the structures/parcels removed, you can see that nothing standing as it was when originally built. All property lines changed; every structure now setting on top of clamped sewer/water lines ~ major building, health, environmental, safety code violations.

When alterations are not authorized or done under appropriate guidelines, do not expect to find any record for it. No permits, inspections for the reconstruction. No safety precautions behind replacement of city water system, which results in citywide discharging of raw sewage. How is this covered up? After each parcel has been altered, title companies alter the parcel map to the new property lines; earlier records "no longer available." Aerial views altered. Old directories and maps have been altered. Photos discarded or scanned/altered as though nothing ever changed.

One end of the block. West end of Laundromat extended into alley, making alley more narrow.

Free Image HostingClick Above

The other end of this same block.

Down this alley.

The narrowed alleys compensate for what was cut off front lawns. (Shown: Same block.)

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Finished product!

The purpose for all of this?
Introducing Wilbert G. Swieso, the self-proclaimed mastermind with 50 yrs invested into this ......

City of Fresno's risk analyst is involved in setting up targeted property owners for annihilation so this can take place without complaints/witnesses. Lying about the cause behind sewage back spills, leaving a trail of illnesses, deaths, suspected homicides, unsolved murders ~ property then torn up / rebuilt on top of secretly-replaced water system. Using altered records to cover the evidence of her involvement as well as everything having been well-planned and deliberate, her response, "Not my problem."

In my case, the risk analyst was caught in her lies ~ including relocation / reconnection of the nearby utility pole. I personally saw the group in action ~ they tried to swindle me of $2,000 to reconnect the mass of lines/cables. Upon mentioning PG&E, they reconnected ~ resulting in additional $900 to my bill that month. With PG&E's records altered to make it appear that their pole had always been where it is now, I had to pay or lose service.

The risk analyst denied that Olive Ave. was widened, which entailed the very destruction of my family's store-front properties I was being called a "liar" about.

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She insisted that property lines had not been changed, resulting in the sewer vent in my yard (behind the above 2 properties on Olive Ave.) going from 2' to 10' from the fence.

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She said my home had not been torn apart and rebuilt with trash, on top of a secretly-replaced water system.

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She lied and lied and lied. Then she turned the tables, having a Restraining Order issued against ME, making ME appear the criminal. I was prohibited from help or restitution; prohibited from even filing a legitimate report. Then I was told that I made all of this up because there was "nothing on record." They do not allow anything on record!

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HOW ABOUT A TOUR ~ radius 2-3 blocks.

Can you count how many utility poles, junction boxes or Smart Meters are involved below? (No record for any of this.)

Directly north (next door) to the above

Around the corner

Directly west

Click Above

Continuing down Olive Ave.

Directly east of the above.

Directly across the street - also on Olive

More street widening

Public records show the connections / intertwining of occupants as this continues throughout town.


It appears that there is no accountability within these agencies / departments. Outsiders have taken complete control of all overhead and underground utilities ~ and everything in-between.

It also appears that people among this nightmare are holding positions in various agencies that the public is assured they can trust and rely on ~ only to find out that they prohibit help. Reports prohibited. The public is left without help, recourse as the atrocities continue, at the cost of human lives.

Mr. Swieso laughs and laughs ~ he says the City is too "incompetent" to ever catch, see or stop him. He says the public is too "oblivious" to see what is taking place right under their noses. He further laughs at how easy all of this is because the public never questions anything ~ they believe anything they are told." That includes the office personnel at the City of Fresno as well as PG&E ~ put altered records in front of them and that is what they support. It is all they have.

With our utility infrastructure no longer in compliance, we are all in great danger. Instead of cursing, blaming and seeking revenge toward PG&E for all the utility problems that have transpired since the introduction of Smart Meters, perhaps we can help them rectify the problems. For the sake of all of us I am requesting your help in getting this information to PG&E ~ I cannot get beyond the mob behind this.

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