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Medicare fraud | Prohibiting autopsies | Scanning / altering photos


For several years, I was the sole care provider to my handicapped uncle. Down's syndrome, totally bedridden the last 5 1/2 yrs of his life.

It was near the time of the City of Fresno's deliberate sewage spills, my uncle began to develop bed sores. Those bed sores would never heal because they were constantly infected with pseudomonas. At the time, I did not know the connection between pseudomonas and raw sewage. Articles and graphic photograph: BACTERIA: Pseudomonas aeruginosa

I felt blessed we were able to have Home Health Services ~ imagine daily care not only by a registered nurse but an aide to come and bathe my uncle. I did not even question them when they requested copies of the deeds to our properties as well as banking information.

In time, something did not make sense ~ Medicare fraud became a huge issue. Services were being cut back significantly. Investigations and licenses were being revoked. Companies were being closed. Because home health care is designed for limited and temporary services ~ it is otherwise extremely expensive (in our case over $10,000/mo.) My uncle did not qualify for all of this on-going care ~ patients with such needs as his were being cut off or and/or put into nursing homes. So I asked the nurse why the rules did not affect my uncle ~ why was he continuing to receive daily care when obviously, he was not entitled. I was told, "because he is special." Another one told me that other patients were released prior to receiving their full benefits, so those unused benefits were transferred to my uncle. It all sounded absurd, but since I was receiving the monthly statements from Medicare, which showed the number of hours being spent on my uncle, I said nothing.

One of the aides came over to visit me nearly every day after he got off work. He immediately went to my uncle's pills, opening and pillaging through the containers. I asked him what he was doing ~ he said he was making sure there were enough pills for the following day. Keep in mind that during all of this, I was being administered chemicals, described in earlier blogs. I would have otherwise suspected what this man was doing. Because there is no doubt in my mind that my uncle was also being poisoned. He had to die in order for the fraudulent legal documents to be prepared (explained in earlier blogs.) This was the same aide who later gave me hints about the reconstruction that went on right under my nose.

Another one of the aides used to point to my belongings, telling me what she wanted after I died. Another one brought her fiancé, showing him my family's properties next door, asking if she could have the sconces off the walls! Clearly, there was more interest in my family's properties and belongings than in the welfare of my uncle. By the time it was over, all 3 of the properties had been stripped and haphazardly rebuilt on top of the City's secretly-replaced water system. Everything I owned had been switched with trash ~ insurance sabotaged, etc. These are the home health aides I later overheard Wilbert Swieso referring to his elderly insurance clients.

Mr. Winslow took credit for having my handicapped uncle's gold-filled teeth removed prior to his death. He told me it was time for my uncle to die since "he looked so bad." I never introduced him to my uncle! While the aide was cleaning up the coagulated blood from my uncle's mouth, the nurse would not approve for him to see a dentist ~ she said his teeth would "come out the other end." Of course they never did ~ they had been removed!


There are professional photographers and graphic artists among Mr. Swieso's mob. Scanning and altering photographs to cover up the theft and major reconstruction, so their victim appears "crazy." Others among Mr. Swieso's group boast about altering legal documents, insurance papers and MEDICARE STATEMENTS! To this day I do not know (or believe) if these people were legitimate. I do not know if those monthly statements were being scanned/altered to keep me from questioning what was taking place. If so, it would explain so much. Including why my uncle was refused an autopsy ~ because he received daily home health services. (For the sake of countless others, it needs to be looked into. I cannot get beyond Swieso's mob to have it done.)


In 1982, Wilbert Swieso conspired with Jon F.M. in firing his secretary and breaking all the rules and regulations at Principal Insurance, to hire me. My mother died the following year. One of the agents immediately laughed that my father would be diagnosed with Alzheimer's and I would lose everything. Ten years later, my father was diagnosed with Alzheimer's. Mr. Swieso and his mob (including the City of Fresno's risk analysts) set out to annihilate and take the properties over in order to secretly replace the City water system. Mission accomplished.

There is no doubt in my mind that my father was being administered chemicals as well. Blob (linked to Winslow, who is Swieso's associate) was seen sneaking and stealing in my dad's home immediately prior to my father falling and ending up in the hospital, OD'd on his medication. (How was that possible since I administered the medication and took him for a WEEKLY blood test for monitoring of his medication?!?) He was then wrongfully discharged with pneumonia, in horrible condition, and died 2 days later. 1994.

The coroner recognized me ~ my sister and I had stopped at his yard sale down the street a few weeks earlier. This was someone I went to school with so when he asked how things were going, my sister and I told him our father had been diagnosed with Alzheimer's and we did not know how much longer he would be alive. The coroner used that as his excuse for denying our father an autopsy ~ because his death was "expected." (Blood was all over his mouth at the time of his death ~ were his gold-filled-teeth removed as well?)

Turns out that the coroner (now deceased) was the brother of a local councilman, linked to Mr. Winslow. Mr. Winslow is the one who told me he "got rid of" his former wife, who he said I would be meeting, "in another world." Winslow: Rags-to-Riches. Three different women (online) then claimed to be Lora Winslow.

2003, I began dating the councilman's former brother-in-law. (I had gone to school with him as well.) He invited me to his home in CO for 10 days. I ended up in emergency with internal bleeding (more poisoning?) Upon my return home he called to ask me how my HOUSE was ~ because it had been altered some more!

My point is that you can see how easy it is to annihilate and have the truth/cause behind someone's death covered up.


One of the photographers among Mr. Swieso's group used to tell me about scanning people's photos into other photos. For instance, I could have my face scanned into someone else's family portrait and it would appear that I was part of that family. My childhood photos could be scanned in ~ no one would ever question anything, should I end up owning that family's property and assets. Or should I claim to be the closest relative of the deceased, when the coroner shows up. ID is not requested at this time ~ anyone can say they are the next-of-kin. Imagine the death claims or how the funds are reinvested.

Outsiders do not see the trail of deaths or forged insurance applications / legal documents that follow Wilbert G. Swieso. He gains access to his elderly clients' property with offers of "help with home repairs." Just as done to me, someone ends up hospitalized, which allows him and his mob to carry out the secret water diversion operation without the owner's knowledge or consent. Just as he did to me, more fraudulent insurance policies are written. I also saw him enrolling one of his "helpers" in a HUGE investment account. I was told about others ending up with new homes, which they claim were the result of someone's life insurance death claim.

Mr. Swieso proudly boasts of overriding the Planning Dept. to carry out his secret water diversion operation. Sure enough, there are NO records or accounting for the street widening, tree pulling, relocation of storm drains, fire hydrants, utility poles, etc. No record of the major reconstruction or changes in property lines. Because all of it is followed up with altered parcel maps, aerial views and old records. If you look at my page you will see that what he is doing is costing billions of dollars. Where do you think that money is coming from? Real estate and insurance fraud? Why do you think there are no witnesses or complaints? People are being annihilated, property taken by fraud, in order to secretly replace the City water system.

Why has Mr. Swieso never been investigated? Because it appears that I am the first one to have ever gotten away before he finished what he began. Unfortunately, due to my behavior while being poisoned, my credibility was destroyed so nothing I report is looked into. Mr. Swieso simply gets by with calling me "crazy." Mr. Winslow got by with doing that as well. Exactly as planned.

Principal Insurance assisted Mr. Swieso in having my family annihilated and properties taken by fraud then slammed the door in my face.

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Various employees from the City of Fresno were also involved in having my family annihilated and run off our properties. Their effort goes into calling me a "liar", committing perjury, and prohibiting reports.

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Did I make this up too? The City risk analyst was involved in setting up 4 of the 7 shown below, as well as the Laundromat directly (50') to the east (not shown in this pic.)

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Shocking cover-up by CA BAR Assn.

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Notice the "unsolved" murder in the above diagram? When I told the senior risk analyst (Kerry Trost) that this was behind the secret water diversion operation, he laughed. Then I contacted the detective, who claims to be offering a reward for information.

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How is this for misguided focus: In addition to my horrible behavior and foul mouth (even accused of robbing my parents' friends, which is NOT true) while being poisoned (used to "clear the path"), behind my back, my former neighbor (from across the street) was contacting everyone I knew to tell them I killed ALL my family members and had them cremated to cover up the evidence!! Was that used to justify what was done to me, my home, my pets, etc? He is part of Swieso's group! Read this man's insane rantings by clicking below:

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An earlier one

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Other than those involved in the horrors, no one ever saw beyond the smokescreen.

Swieso's / City of Fresno's OPERATION REZONE!

Where criminals are more valuable than law-abiding residents. The criminals are protected because they are needed in order to continue "clearing the path" so the secret replacement of the city/valley water system can continue ~ without leaving witnesses or complaints.

Not only was my family annihilated and attempted murder of me, this is why I continue receiving death threats for exposing the operation. (I'll soon be dead anyway as a result of Mayor Alan Autry hammering the final nail in my coffin ~ for me there is no other way out of this.)

5-1/2 yrs was not long enough for Sacramento's FBI to uncover the secret water diversion operation, which began 50 yrs ago, now in the final stages. According to Mr. Swieso, this is behind CA's "water shortage." Water is being redirected for upcoming development beyond Friant/Millerton/Madera.

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Thursday, March 11, 2010

This affects the entire nation's water / food supply

Click on this link ~ an article regarding development fraud involving the City of Fresno and John Bonadelle, who was the county's largest land developer. Learn about the various charges and prison sentences for those behind what was called, FBI's "Operation Rezone." Click: Leading Fresno developer
is indicted on corruption charges Feb. 1998

5-1/2 yrs was not long enough for Sacramento's FBI to uncover the other side of "Operation Rezone" where residents are being robbed and killed; ID theft, real estate fraud, insurance fraud as the "path is cleared." Structures rebuilt on top of the secretly-replaced water system; property lines changed; parcel maps and aerial views altered to cover up and further deceive the public, then sold as "original" to unsuspecting buyers.

Run by former City of Fresno employee, Wilbert Swieso (Mr. Bonadelle's associate.)

It appears I am the first to get away before they finished what they began. According to Kerry Trost, Sr. Risk Analyst for the City of Fresno, it was Mayor Alan Autry who ordered him (and the initial risk analyst who lied / set up property owners who ended up dead and/or suspected homicide) to commit perjury to prohibit me from reporting the atrocities being carried out. Death threats followed.


This was in response to an attempt to report the risk analyst as a "danger to the public" ~ she conspired with Mr. Swieso in lying / setting up property owners, followed by suspected homicides, financial fraud, unauthorized destruction of private/public property, illegal altering of property lines, illegal relocation/reconnection of PG&E's utility poles and more. Notice mention of the Mayor (Autry), and the very risk analyst I was reporting as well as the senior risk analyst who accompanied her to commit perjury.

This, according to Wilbert Swieso, is behind CA's "water shortage." Plans for this "water shortage" began 50 yrs ago, as the evidence indicates. The billions of dollars being used to fund this operation appear to be coming from the insurance fraud, real estate theft, suspected homicides, ID theft, etc.

Help is needed. With my computer hacked I cannot get this information through to FBI. Please have them look at my page