Thursday, March 11, 2010

This affects the entire nation's water / food supply

Click on this link ~ an article regarding development fraud involving the City of Fresno and John Bonadelle, who was the county's largest land developer. Learn about the various charges and prison sentences for those behind what was called, FBI's "Operation Rezone." Click: Leading Fresno developer
is indicted on corruption charges Feb. 1998

5-1/2 yrs was not long enough for Sacramento's FBI to uncover the other side of "Operation Rezone" where residents are being robbed and killed; ID theft, real estate fraud, insurance fraud as the "path is cleared." Structures rebuilt on top of the secretly-replaced water system; property lines changed; parcel maps and aerial views altered to cover up and further deceive the public, then sold as "original" to unsuspecting buyers.

Run by former City of Fresno employee, Wilbert Swieso (Mr. Bonadelle's associate.)

It appears I am the first to get away before they finished what they began. According to Kerry Trost, Sr. Risk Analyst for the City of Fresno, it was Mayor Alan Autry who ordered him (and the initial risk analyst who lied / set up property owners who ended up dead and/or suspected homicide) to commit perjury to prohibit me from reporting the atrocities being carried out. Death threats followed.


This was in response to an attempt to report the risk analyst as a "danger to the public" ~ she conspired with Mr. Swieso in lying / setting up property owners, followed by suspected homicides, financial fraud, unauthorized destruction of private/public property, illegal altering of property lines, illegal relocation/reconnection of PG&E's utility poles and more. Notice mention of the Mayor (Autry), and the very risk analyst I was reporting as well as the senior risk analyst who accompanied her to commit perjury.

This, according to Wilbert Swieso, is behind CA's "water shortage." Plans for this "water shortage" began 50 yrs ago, as the evidence indicates. The billions of dollars being used to fund this operation appear to be coming from the insurance fraud, real estate theft, suspected homicides, ID theft, etc.

Help is needed. With my computer hacked I cannot get this information through to FBI. Please have them look at my page


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