Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Evidence refused; Fresno murder remains "cold case"

The facts behind William Wyatt Polzin's unsolved murder are beneath the tree planter in front of the home where he was shot/killed. City of Fresno, CA is behind this - that is why the office of ( Elizabeth Egan, Fresno District Atty will not acknowledge the information. They offer a reward for information to make it appear they are concerned, then refuse to accept it! 1 of 3:

Mr. Polzin was killed so his property could be torn apart for the secret altering of sewer and water lines. 50 yrs of alterations to all the other structures on the block were finally connected and tied into the main line, in front of Bill's property. His property was then reconstructed; street widened; fire hydrant, street lights, utility poles relocated; altered property lines. Parcel maps and aerial views were altered to cover up the evidence of ALL OF THIS! I know, because my family and our properties located 100' to the east were targeted next; suspected homicide of my family members, Swieso's fraudulent legal documents and the City's altered property lines. Neighbor next door to us was also targeted - set up by the City's risk analyst for elimination. More suspected homicide in order to tear the property apart as city sewer and water lines were replaced. Street widened; altered property lines; forged deed. Those same "planted" neighbors who claimed no knowledge of what was done to the Polzin property, then moved around the corner and repeated the process. The City of Fresno uses these "credible witnesses" and altered records to deny all of this.

By the way, the attorney for Polzin's estate was Swieso's associate, David A. Silva.

Mr Silva was the same attorney who, after verifying that ties to my siblings had been severed, prepared the fraudulent legal documents for my family's properties appointing Swieso (estate planner) in charge, despite an Irrevocable Trust. Deed reversing fraud:

Upon reporting Mr. Silva to CA State Bar Assn, being told that the fraud was "an accident - no harm done", Mr. Silva was secretly packing up his office. He fled, never to be seen again. Only after destroying the lives of more clients was he finally disbarred.

With so many people lying, and altered records to cover up the evidence, Kerry Trost, Senior Risk Manager for the City of Fresno smirked, "You will never prove it" as he issued a Restraining Order against me. Turning the tables and making ME appear the criminal.

Psssst ..... he missed the one important piece of evidence; the City's own sewer layout, which verifies everything I reported.

Trost and/or his group's death threats are still not enough to change the truth. Regardless of desperately attempting to alter more documents to make ME appear wrong, hacking my computer to alter contents on my hard drive, a stalker carrying on that I murdered my own family members and made all of this up, death threats to stop me from exposing this, the truth remains beneath the tree planters. This is why Bill Polzin's murder will remain "unsolved."
Swieso claims to be the mastermind, saying this is the continuation of Bonadelle's "secret water operation." WATER DIVERSION! Bonadelle - found guilty in the mid 90s of conspiring with the City of Fresno in development fraud.