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Per Swieso: City of Fresno too incompetent to ever catch or stop him!

From street widening to altering property lines; from relocating utility poles to creating ADA violations, how has Wilbert G. Swieso managed to override the Planning Dept. and have the entire city rebuilt on top of a secretly-replaced water system without the public's knowledge? He is a former employee of the City of Fresno ~ he knows how the "system" works.

1. Recruit the City's risk analysts and Public Works Dept. No one questions or oversees what they do.
2. "Plant" tenants / neighbors who will serve as "credible witnesses" that nothing took place. Eliminate others.
3. Use corrupt attorney(s) for fraudulent legal documents.
4. Use title companies to record fraud as well as illegal altering of parcel maps to line up to new property lines.
5. Alter aerial views to make it appear that recent alterations took place decades ago i.e., streets widened so much, blocks now smaller. Removal of various structures, expansion of others, etc.

Mr. Swieso says the public is not only oblivious to what is taking place right under their noses, they believe whatever they are told. Therefore, all he has to do is cover up the evidence and it goes no further.

Because there is no record for what is taking place, this allows for the majority of reconstruction to be done without permits or inspections. Virtually no enforcement of building regulations.

See for yourself! Although the City removed their earlier aerial views and now only show the current one, other web sites still show earlier/older views. You will see that older aerial views reflect recent street widening and new property lines! As though things were always this way. With no such record of such changes taking place, Mr. Swieso is right, no one questions anything.

For families undergoing health problems and/or ongoing home repairs, mold, sick-building syndrome, do yourselves a favor. Simply dig 8"-12" and take a look at your clamped sewer and water lines. Notice they go beneath the entire structure, which required major reconstruction. Now go to City Hall and see if you can find the permits or inspections. 2600 Fresno St., 3rd floor. Nothing on record? This is when my page will begin to make more sense to you. Click: Marla

This is also when you will begin to understand why there is no help. There is no record for what has taken place. With the City of Fresno's office personnel looking at ALTERED RECORDS, that is what they stand behind. Exactly as they are programmed to do, which is why Mr. Swieso refers to them as his "puppets."

Same with PG&E. There are many more utility poles throughout the city in addition to the original ones being replaced, relocated and reconnected. You can see the shoddy workmanship and code violations everywhere. Yet once again, PG&E's office personnel are looking at altered records, which is why they insist that their poles have always been as they are today.

Fresno Flood Control insists that storm drains and rain gutters have not been altered or relocated in decades. Yet the streets were widened; ADA violations have continued to escalate as a result of this, so how can they deny these alterations? More altered records! There is no record of the streets being widened, remember? So there CANNOT be any record for the altered / relocated storm drains, rain gutters, etc.

Keep in mind that prior to the unauthorized alterations there was strict enforcement of compliance issues and guidelines; these citywide code violations did not exist. Therefore, if there is no record of the alterations taking place, who is going to help with code violations associated to alterations there are no records for? No one. That includes the accompanying crimes in order to "clear the path" so it can continue ~ there are no repercussions. Example: After the suspected homicides of my family and neighbors to pull this off on our properties, the risk analysts went as far as to commit perjury, followed by death threats and sexual harassment against me. They would not even allow the truth behind the unsolved murder across the street (100' to the west.)

Notice how Mr. Swieso has the City of Fresno covering up and protecting him every step of the way. Here is where Mr. Swieso proves that he is light-years ahead of the City of Fresno. He recruits them just enough ...... then behind their backs, he takes things further. That is why he is laughing at them. This is just one example of his technique: Swieso's Adopt-A-Highway

Another example is how he swings his bible ~ wanting everyone to know that he does "volunteer work" at his church, United Grace Methodist Church. More of his infamous "repairs." In reality, not only has he rebuilt that church section at a time on top of his secretly replaced water system, he is using it as another headquarters to store his tools, scaffolding, equipment while turning the neighborhood properties over. Residents in the area are very familiar with this man ~ seen altering various homes, running people off their property, using illegally altered parcel maps as "proof" that the neighboring property is overlapping which will result in the owner being sued if they do not rectify the problem at THEIR expense. More altered / reconnected utility poles. Followed by more altered records; more altered aerial views to make it appear that nothing changed.

Why is this not being looked into? THERE IS NO RECORD OF IT TAKING PLACE.

If there is no record for any of this, who is paying for it? It appears to be funded from the forged and fraudulent insurance papers, legal documents and real estate fraud that follow Mr. Swieso etal. With his ultimate goal of having the water secretly diverted to the area where he planned to build his "dream home", his motto: "You can't live for the dead." Principal Insurance is aware of his actions; they conspired with him in what was done to my family and neighbors in order to pull this off on our properties. Same attorney who conspired in fraudulent legal documents was referred to other clients; same with various home health personnel. A cycle that follows the very people we are led to believe we can trust and believe in.

   So bravo to Wilbert G. Swieso for the atrocities he has gotten by with over the past 50 yrs. Comparing himself to "Hitler", the evidence verifies that he took total control long ago.

Like everyone else, the City of Fresno believes whatever they are told. Going to them for help only results in more hell (and laughter by Swieso and his mob.)

With Christmas on the way, keep in mind that Whistleblower agencies pay BIG rewards for reports of municipal corruption. This will be the Story of the Century ~ according to Mr. Swieso, it ties into the central valley's created "water shortage."

Rewards are also paid for reports of water violations / terrorism: Click: Can be fined $25,000 per day/per violation

Residents blaming Smart Meters for unexplained increases in their utilities should look at this Click: Pacific Gas and Electric is not behind this

For help with discrimination against the disabled CLICK HERE: ADA Enforcement

Monday, November 23, 2009

Wilbert Swieso's heinous "rotation system" comes full circle

Earlier blogs explain Wilbert G. Swieso's "rotation system." Destroying families, pitting people and agencies against one another; using others to carry out HIS "dirty work." He sets people up then makes himself appear as a victim and/or hero by exposing them. Then he steps in to "help" and ends up appearing heroic. Manipulation and misguided focus as he slithers in to carry out his "secret sideline." He has spent 50 yrs conspiring with various city employees in secret replacement of the city water system.

I explained how he targeted me back in 1982. With the goal of annihilating my family and me in order to seize control of our properties to have them rebuilt on top of the city's secretly-replaced water system, he conspired Jon F.M. in breaking all the rules and firing an experienced office manager in order to hire me at Principal Insurance. He and Mr. M also recruited another employee of Principal Insurance to assist in the operation ~ Diane Fxxxxxxxx. After Mr. M served his purpose, he died. After Diane served her purpose, she died. Although there is a trail of this, the purpose of this blog is to expose how Mr. Swieso used these 2 people in particular, to accomplish his ultimate goal without anyone ever suspecting him of wrongdoing. Learn about the fraud, corruption, conspiring, destruction of lives and how the evidence of what Mr. Swieso began 20 yrs earlier, comes full circle.

To fully understand what Mr. Swieso is doing, below is a brief recap of earlier blogs.

CLICK: Swieso, Mr. M., Principal Insurance

CLICK: Jon F.M., another deceased employee of Principal Insurance

CLICK: Diane Fxxxxxxxx, another deceased employee of Principal Insurance

CLICK: "He deserved to die." "I'm glad he is dead."

Once the torch was passed to Mr. Swieso back in 1982, he spent the next 20+ yrs in severing ties, recruiting others, and creating a lynch mob against me for what was coming. Not only would my family members need to be eliminated, I would have to be totally annihilated, severed and hated by all, which would allow him to "clear off" the properties. Hence, the years of unknown chemicals being administered without my knowledge. I was a horrible mess, being filmed and recorded for what was coming.

Throughout the entire 20 yrs, he told me he was involved in a "secret water project" that would result in development where he owned property. It sounded so ridiculous that no one believed him.

In addition to the suspected homicides of my family members, my siblings and I were turned against one another. As ends were being played against one another throughout the years, my siblings were recruited, which further served to make Mr. Swieso appear innocent from any wrongdoing.

He conspired with an attorney (who appears to be FAKE) in fraudulent legal documents, overriding the Irrevocable Trust and having HIMSELF appointed, "Successor Trustee" of my family's properties. See the SHOCKING cover up by clicking below.

Click Above

He conspired with a nearby WATER DISTRICT in a fraudulent insurance policy, stating I was THEIR employee with Mr. Swieso appointed, "beneficiary."

He coerced me into changing the beneficiary on my regular life insurance policy from my siblings to him, reminding me that my siblings did not help family when it was needed; he said they did not deserve anything ~ HE did, for all he did to "help" me through the years. Then he showed me brochures of new Porsches, saying he would finally be able to buy one, thanks to me.

He "planted" the tenants in my family's 2 income properties, which were being torn apart and rebuilt without authorization, permits or inspections. Ongoing hell, fraudulent lawsuits, not only kept the focus off what was happening to the properties. The more lawsuits filed against me, the worse I was left appearing. It did not matter that these people did not win their cases, it is what I now appear as being when my name is looked up.

He conspired with Eberwein Auto Repair in charging me $5,000 for so-called "repairs" on a 1990 Honda. It only ran a few more miles.

He conspired with the City of Fresno's risk analyst in lying and setting up my family and other neighbors for annihilation. (In addition to ongoing illness, hospitalization, one neighbor was left dead; another neighbor never seen again. Neighbor across the street was murdered when this was done to his property.) Mr. Swieso had public records altered to cover up the changes in property lines that accompanied the unauthorized major reconstruction of private properties that are now setting on top of the secretly-replaced water system.

My neighbors had been "planted" to serve as credible witnesses that the major reconstruction to city and private properties did not take place. (They have trails of this as the operation continues throughout town.)

He conspired in having me pay $5,000 in new central heat/air units that were switched with trash behind my back. Same with new window coverings/awnings. (I was pouring out money in repairs, etc. as Swieso and his mob were stripping these properties.)
He conspired with my commercial property insurance agent in cancellation / non-renewal of coverage. By that time, a portion of the water lines had already been replaced without my knowledge or consent. This allowed Mr. Swieso to loosen the newly-clamped lines, covered in cement, resulting in mold to consume 1 of the 2 structures. Money was being poured into repairs as well as a brand new roof which of course, did nothing to stop or help the situation. The "planted" tenant was going to sue and own all (as Swieso's group boasts of doing to others in this manner.)

Attempts to seek replacement property insurance coverage were being intercepted and sabotaged.

I was left with no choice but to sell. He then conspired with the realtor, resulting in being cheated in excess of $1 million.

As you can see, Mr. Swieso had me surrounded as the plotting, planning, and cover-up continued. The more people he recruited, the more HIS tracks were covered. He created the situations he then portrayed himself a victim of, as he courageously stepped in to "save" my siblings. He used people as "credible witnesses" to call me a liar and further threaten me. Behind everyone's backs he was planning my final departure while conspiring with the Public Works in replacement of the water system. This was behind the sewage back spills the risk analyst was lying about, verified on the City of Fresno's UNALTERED records. Out of 350+/- photos, she claimed to only have 10+/-. Not ONE photo of the reason she claimed to be coming out; not ONE photo of the damages ~ it was all a set up.

Just as I had seen him do with countless others, Mr. Swieso called upon his plumber son to "help" with sewage back spills that inevitably followed his so-called "help with home repairs." The hospitalization of my handicapped uncle allowed more alterations without my knowledge or consent. The death of my uncle allowed him to hire me, which left no one home. He then conspired in the fraudulent legal documents. And just as I had witnessed so many others doing, I thanked him for all his "help" when it was needed, never realizing that "help" was never needed until he stepped into the picture.

HELP?!? Mr Swieso wants everyone to believe he helped me? Behind my back, he was exploiting me and setting me up for total annihilation. With my family out of the way and my final arrangements underway, I was robbed, raped, poisoned, filmed with hidden cameras, pets killed, home torn apart and left a shambles, homeowner's insurance sabotaged so I could not file a claim for ANYTHING. Then called a "liar" ~ prohibited from even filing a report! So let's take a closer look at how Mr. Swieso "helped" ANYONE other than HIMSELF! Only this time, look beyond the smokescreen and you will see the conclusion of what he set out to accomplish back in 1982.

Below is a copy of a letter I wrote while in the midst of desperately trying to find replacement insurance coverage for my family's 2 income properties.

First you see the name, Paul. (Pawel.) The realtor who lied about the value of the properties (in excess of $1 million); allowed escrow to continue for 1 yr without telling me about the fraudulent legal documents (appointing Swieso "Successor Trustee" despite an Irrevocable Trust) being the cause for the hold-up. When I demanded an explanation he turned on me, threatening to sue ME for not telling HIM that the documents were fraudulent! (Another "victim.") But that is not the reason I posted a copy of this letter. My reason pertains to the person it is written to ~ the insurance agent who Paul (Pawel) sent out to meet with me regarding replacement coverage. After turning over my previous insurance papers to him, this insurance agent had the audacity to tell me that the properties were uninsurable until I had them "painted and cleaned up." Since they had already been painted I asked him to elaborate on what in hell he was referring to. He said paint was peeling on some of the eaves. The realtor laughed and laughed because this was absurd. My point? It appears that the "insurance agent" was Mrs. M's second husband!

Mr. Swieso was conspiring with Paul (Pawel) in the final step of wiping me out and taking control of the properties he intended on taking over 20 yrs earlier! He HAD to have the properties VACATED to carry out his "secret sideline." Did he use Mr. M to set me up then use his family to seek revenge for what I had been portrayed as. Is that what he did with Diane and her family? Same thing with my family. With everyone's focus on destroying and getting ME off these properties, no one ever saw beyond the smokescreen as Mr. Swieso once again appeared as everyone's savior. (Dead people do not argue.)
Not only did Mr. Swieso have my family wiped out and removed from our properties in order to have the water system replaced, parcel maps were illegally altered in escrow to match up to the new property lines. In this case, the deeds also entail fraudulent financing information. The buyer did not qualify to buy 1 let alone both buildings ~ that is what the fraudulent legal documents were for, so Mr. Swieso would end up with the properties without paying ONE CENT, just as it appears he did to my neighbor who was never seen again as this took place! With my final departure underway, once again there would be no witnesses left behind.

With the evidence of Mr. Swieso's "secret sideline" now exposed, that letter brings things full circle as to Mr. Swieso's intentions from the day we met. This is another example of the "rotation system" I have been describing. He uses, manipulates, discards and rotates on to the next one, no one ever realizing or suspecting him of wrongdoing. So many people and layers of fraud, one does not see what is taking place at the core of all this. Until now.

Click: Marla

Mr. Swieso is light-years ahead of everyone else. Comparing himself to "Hitler" and referring to himself as a "chameleon" with good reason ~ from all outside appearances he could not appear more harmless. Yet he took over long ago ~ he is the self-proclaimed mastermind behind what is clearly, the biggest and most corrupt operation in CA history.

As I have been saying all along, this is why I was hired by Principal Insurance all those years ago ~ for the sole purpose of annihilating my family and taking our properties. Mission accomplished.

One nightmare after another. In addition to the decades of hell I have endured, as well as the perjury, death threats and sexual harassment against me by the City of Fresno for surviving / exposing this, look who else is covering it up. Stripped of human and civil rights, pinned into a corner, left unemployable as the horrors continue.

My siblings are oblivious of what they stepped into. They won't make it out alive either ~ the "rotation system" already includes my nephews.


Sunday, October 25, 2009

Names of five CA victims of David Silva, atty

VICTIM$ OF DAVID A. $ILVA, ATTY (Cases totaling hundred$ of thousand$)

Monica Lemos

Manuela Ramirez

Stacy Jura

Estate of Michael Yankulich

Maria Bautista

These above clients (and how many others) of Fresno's David A. Silva, atty were abandoned. No explanation, Mr. Silva took their money and files - he fled, never to be seen again. No recourse.

Dates on Mr. Silva's disciplinary papers indicate Mr. Silva's sudden departure taking place immediatley after being reported by me, for fraud. Despite the fact that others began reporting him shortly afterwards, State Bar of CA deemed his fraud against me as nothing more than "accidents."

More research indicates that Mr. Silva may not have even been a legitimate attorney! Who is protecting the public from these kinds of horrors? State Bar of CA? It does not appear so.

Click: David A. Silva, atty

Saturday, October 24, 2009

STATE BAR OF CA covered up for David A. Silva, attorney

As you can see, David A. Silva, atty secretly closed his office immediately after I reported him - never to be seen again!

Here you can see he was served on DECEMBER 5, 2004. Because he abandoned all his clients and absconded with their money and files!

That did not stop CA State Bar Assn of deeming Mr. Silva's blatant fraud with Wilbert G. Swieso as nothing more than "accidents" despite the fact that he fled after being reported (9 mos. earlier) and was under investigation for MORE FRAUD!

(BTW: The documents were indeed recorded.)

Was Mr. Silva a legitimate attorney? He was not even listed in directories. He "shared" clients with Mr. Swieso and said he obtained other clients by "referral."

Such as this?!? All linked to Mr. Swieso.

Behind the secret water diversion operation described on my page. Property owners being annihilated; property taken by fraud. Click: Marla

Friday, October 23, 2009

Fresno: Power surges, Smart Meters, Utility Theft, More

Countless articles describe the devastation that can happen to a computer during a power surge. Below are just 2 examples.

Click: Power Surge and Hard Drive Failure

Click: Power Surge Data Loss

Power surges can also damage home appliances.

In Fresno, the problem with power surges is excessive - no explanation.

CLICK: Fresno Suffers More Power Outages Than Neighboring Communities 07/26/07

Excessive utility rates have become another issue here in Fresno, CA. Smart Meters are being blamed. Yet nothing can be found wrong with the Smart Meters.

PG&E Smart Meters Under Fire 10/21/09

~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~


Fresno's electric infrastructure is a mess. Unauthorized switching, relocating, reconnecting of utility poles - no enforcement of code regulations. Complete re-wiring of structures without permits or inspections. Code violations everywhere. Public records altered to cover up what is taking place, leaving residents without help or recourse.
===> Click here to see what I uncovered

To see/understand the magnitude of what is secretly taking place throughout Fresno, CA (and nearby cities) Click: Marla

Sunday, October 11, 2009

FRESNO! Who else threatened re: property lines?!?

Another victim has come forward.

RECAP: Structures throughout Fresno are being rebuilt on top of the secretly replaced water system.

Removal of various structures; expansion of others. Streets widened. Every property line altered.

No record for any of this. Reconstruction without permits or inspections. Property resold; parcel maps illegally altered in escrow, as though things were always as they are now.

The new parcel map is then presented to the neighbor/s who are threatened with lawsuits by this mob, over the CITY OF FRESNO'S property lines!

And the altering of more property lines continues - absolutely no record that anything ever took place.

Block by block, over the last 50 yrs, every property rebuilt with new property lines.

Ringleader behind this is former employee of the City of Fresno, Wilbert Swieso. He said this is behind the valley's water shortage - secret water diversion, further laughing that the public, including farmers without water, will never figure this out.

See my page for more: CLICK: Marla Or CLICK: Behind Mayor Autry's So-Called, "Infrastructure Upgrade

In the meantime, please let me know if you or anyone else have been victimized by this group.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Fresno County Psychologist Involved in Horrors

Among the duties of a psychologist, trust is first and foremost.

Never would I have suspected my neighbor, William Siegfried, a long-time psychologist for the County of Fresno of being involved in the horrors accompanying the City of Fresno's central valley water scam - 60 yrs of rebuilding the city (and far beyond) on top of the revised underground infrastructures.  Reports of poisoning, looting, rape, id theft, murders, property theft, alleged baby-selling operation.  Several of the group behind what took place in this area (linked to Dr. Siegfried) boast of administering chemicals to keep their victims oblivious as the annihilation / takeovers are carried out.  The trail speaks for itself. 

Not only was I a victim of this group, including many years of being administered unknown chemicals without my knowledge, I saw the consequences of the same thing done to others as this group (linked to Dr. Siegfried) ended up with the assets and properties as done here.  Not only were my family members victimized and left dead, it was not expected I would still be alive either as they zeroed in.  Ongoing poison as the properties were being looted - rape, catheterization while being incapacitated during reconstruction.

In addition to the "planted" neighbors, who were rewarded to participate then deny what was taking place on all these properties, Jeffry Winslow was one of the last people to have been poisoning me via so-called "herbs" and his "special powder" in food and beverages.  Even demanding I open my mouth so he could verify I swallowed those pills he claimed were "vitamins." As I continued to go downhill, he told me he would be taking my family's properties as I was scheduled to meet the others, "in another world." His associate, Wilbert Swieso (self-proclaimed mastermind behind this operation) conspired with David A. Silva, atty (fake?) in fraudulent legal documentsDiBuduo & DeFendis Insurance  conspired with Wilbert Swieso in cancellation of property insurance / non-renewal as horrific damages (loosened, clamped water lines, covered in new cement) were taking over. 

Due to the unknown chemicals, not only was my behavior becoming erratic as my reputation and credibilty were being destroyed, I did not realize what was taking place.  Such as years of all the "renovations" in the area being linked.  Including Dr. Siegfried's home.  Or that my family was being targeted for annihilation so the same thing could take place on our 3 properties. 

How flattered I was when Mr. Siegfried asked me to be his "secretary" at the Neighborhood Block Party he gave.  He handed out PARCEL MAPS to everyone.  I was so far gone I did not yet realize  these parcel maps had been ALTERED to match all the years of major reconstruction and new property lines!! 

Dr. Siegried was always telling me what an honest person and psychologist he was.  Said if I ever needed to talk to anyone, he would be more than willing "at no charge."  What was he going to tell me - that I imagined all of this as his accomplices claimed I did?  As HE personally claimed no knowledge ?  This operation is MASSIVE - is this what he does or tells all his patients who are undergoing the same horrors? 

Dr. Siegfried's home / parcel nearly DOUBLED in size as the house next door to him was removed; others shifted down throughout the years in a "ripple effect."

Original owner of the house shown above, lived there 70 yrs. Dr. Siegfried was the 3rd owner, continuing where the previous one left off.  Once Dr. Siegfried was no longer needed, he said he was relocating (1/2-mile away) due to our neighborhood going downhill - he did not like the black family that seemed to be taking over - including my next-door neighbors (who were "planted"here before HE came along to participate!)  Further advising me to relocate before it was too late. IT WAS already TOO LATE!!!

And like everyone else, Dr. Siegfried ended up with a new vehicle before moving.  From what he told me, even a beach home.  (Odd, since  he claimed he could barely make ends meet after the County put everyone on leave for several months.)  The house was sold to friends of Dr. Siegfried and his neighbor next door to the south - a couple who previously lived 2 doors south, around the corner, next door to the "unsolved" William Polzin murder. (Ongoing intertwining / relocating among participants as torch is passed - outsiders / victims remain oblivious.) 

Streets widened, structures completely rebuilt on top of the City's secretly-replaced water system.  Street lights, utility poles, rain gutters relocated.  Why would the City of Fresno deny all of this and accuse me of "imagining" it?!?  After all, not only are there witnesses and photographs showing all the above changes, the City's unaltered records verify EXACTLY what took place! 

Hello, Dr. Siegfried?  Did I imagine this too? (Lawns on both our properties shown on bottom portion.)

Dr. Siegfried's next-door neighbor was Mr. D. They claimed to be long-time friends, dating back to when they lived in Chicago - late 70s. Click on Mr. D's name - more deaths, more people called "crazy" behind water scam.

By the time it was over for me, I was reporting burglaries, information and evidence behind murders, attempted murder of me, fraudulent legal documents, fraudulent insurance policy, much more. In return, a Restraining Order was issued against me followed by death threats and sexual harassment from the City of Fresno.

Helpless, vulnerable people go to Dr. Siegfried, in need of the service he claims to provide.  They trust and believe in him, as they should be able to do without fear of what he (and his accomplices) are doing behind closed doors.  From what I understand, he is even licensed to prescribe various medications. The problem is that his clientele may very well already be drugged without their knowledge, causing the problems they are seeking help for!

Dr. Siegfried is in a position to obtain enough information about his clients that would allow for them to be victimized by this group - then he could counsel and assure them that they "imagined it" too!?!   Who better to discredit or set someone up than a licensed psychologist.

No different than with Mr. Swieso, with his impeccable reputation.  Reports not allowed when linked to the water scam. Worse when reported by someone whose reputation and credibility were destroyed while being poisoned (by their group!)

Below:  Courtesy of Jeffry Winslow after reporting him for alleged poisoning of me with intent to take properties by fraud.  He told me he "got rid of" wife # 2 to pull this off; said I would meet her "in another world."  So after discovering forged (verified by licensed handwriting expert) legal documents - this is his letter of denial.  Using MY behavior while being poisoned BY HIM to deny what he did to his "alleged" earlier victim?!? 

(Click to enlarge)

Also reported to ====> CLICK: Jason @ Secret Service.

My continued efforts to seek help for what was done to my family and me has only resulted in ongoing death threats. Several attempts already made. Knowing that this psychologist is part of a heinous operation that entails such atrocities, I am concerned for the safety and well-being of his patients. I consider this man to be extreme danger, especially in the field he is in.

With our economy crumbling, people being annihilated behind the water scam, loss of jobs and insurance benefits, more and more people will be seeking help from local and County resources. Many of those in need of help from a psychologist will unknowingly find themselves at the mercy of this man?!?  I cannot imagine what a licensed psychologist and his group are capable of doing to someone under the influence of these unknown chemicals. What this man's group did to me (not mentioned here) was beyond cruel and inhumane.

This blog was kept in "Drafts" until now. 2/27/12
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