Sunday, October 25, 2009

Names of five CA victims of David Silva, atty

VICTIM$ OF DAVID A. $ILVA, ATTY (Cases totaling hundred$ of thousand$)

Monica Lemos

Manuela Ramirez

Stacy Jura

Estate of Michael Yankulich

Maria Bautista

These above clients (and how many others) of Fresno's David A. Silva, atty were abandoned. No explanation, Mr. Silva took their money and files - he fled, never to be seen again. No recourse.

Dates on Mr. Silva's disciplinary papers indicate Mr. Silva's sudden departure taking place immediatley after being reported by me, for fraud. Despite the fact that others began reporting him shortly afterwards, State Bar of CA deemed his fraud against me as nothing more than "accidents."

More research indicates that Mr. Silva may not have even been a legitimate attorney! Who is protecting the public from these kinds of horrors? State Bar of CA? It does not appear so.

Click: David A. Silva, atty

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