Saturday, October 24, 2009

STATE BAR OF CA covered up for David A. Silva, attorney

As you can see, David A. Silva, atty secretly closed his office immediately after I reported him - never to be seen again!

Here you can see he was served on DECEMBER 5, 2004. Because he abandoned all his clients and absconded with their money and files!

That did not stop CA State Bar Assn of deeming Mr. Silva's blatant fraud with Wilbert G. Swieso as nothing more than "accidents" despite the fact that he fled after being reported (9 mos. earlier) and was under investigation for MORE FRAUD!

(BTW: The documents were indeed recorded.)

Was Mr. Silva a legitimate attorney? He was not even listed in directories. He "shared" clients with Mr. Swieso and said he obtained other clients by "referral."

Such as this?!? All linked to Mr. Swieso.

Behind the secret water diversion operation described on my page. Property owners being annihilated; property taken by fraud. Click: Marla

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