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Fresno, CA Sewage Spills: Respiratory, Infections, Amputations, Deaths / Clearing The Path!

The sewage spills were planned and deliberate – so were the deaths.

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Learn how the City of Fresno is using this technique to “clear the path” as they carry out their secret water scam.
They not only deny the planned, deliberate and timed sewage spills while lying to their victims about the cause (giving NO chance of protection), they deny what follows the deaths of their victims. Major reconstruction without permits or inspections on top of haphazardly-clamped sewer / water lines (massive code violations.)
Title companies alter the parcel maps to match the new layout / property lines.
Aerial views are altered as each structure completed.
Old books / directories have been reprinted with updated “vintage” photos.
Structures re-sold as “original.”
The City of Fresno denies their own tree pulling, street widening, relocation of street lights, and escalation in ADA violations as the City is completely rebuilt on top of this trash.
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Despite witnesses to ALL the utility poles on my block being relocated, or the fact that Wilbert Swieso etal tried to swindle me of $2,000 to reconnect all the lines/cables when torn down from our properties, the risk analyst called me a “liar.” With PG&E’s records altered to match the new layout, I was forced to pay an additional 900+/- on my utility bill that month!
“Planted” tenants in Rolf’s properties next door as the City risk analyst continued to lie about the cause behind recurring sewage spills. I was also being bled of ten$ of thousand$ in so-called repairs, unaware of the City having Rolf’s properties torn apart and rebuilt section by section, on top of their secretly-replaced water system. Bled of money needed for Rolf’s health care until finally mortgaging my home to continue paying bills. As long as the chemicals continued, I remained oblivious.
Rolf’s death was timed to the City “water infrastructure upgrade” and street widening in front of his properties on (Olive Ave.) Widening Olive Ave. was impossible without major reconstruction of street-lined properties. The City altered records and now denies widening Olive Ave!
Same with the residential street in front of my house around the corner.
Several feet were also cut from front lawns – compensated by narrowing the alley!
Outsiders are recruited, “planted” and rewarded to participate in takeovers and reconstruction. Since they are not rewarded until after the structure has been turned over, it appears that annihilation of property owners has become a SPORT! There are no repercussions - any / all reports of crimes linked to the water scam are not allowed. From murder, rape, poisoning, insurance fraud, alleged child-selling operation – reports are prohibited.
Rolf and neighbors left dead and/or never seen again after being set up by risk analyst. It was not expected I would still be alive either. Continuing to be lied to / set up by City risk analyst, I was poisoned, robbed, raped as my home torn apart and left a shambles. City reacted to my reports and pleas for help with name-calling, perjury, Restraining Order, sexual harassment followed by death threats against me.
Just as the “planted” tenants did to me as this was taking place on Rolf’s properties next door, on record it is ME who appears the criminal / one in the wrong. Behind closed doors:
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Throughout all the above, as the illnesses, infections, amputations and deaths ensued, the City of Fresno refused to test the soil after the sewage spills. Per risk analyst: “Not my job.” Her comment re: the illnesses and deaths (including neighbors): “Not my problem.”
In addition to the massive destruction / reconstruction without authorization, permits or inspections, these are the "new" sewer and water lines - imagine the nasty, filthy water that comes from this corroded trash. Or how much longer before they break.
As this continued, I endured ongoing illness, respiratory, cellulitis of both feet.
Next-door neighbor endured hepatitis, staph, foot amputation, dead age 49.
Neighbor in the next home endured foot amputation; then leg amputation.
Neighbor across the street died of Toxoplasmosis (sewage-contaminated soil.)
I was employed by Wilbert Swieso – I saw this pattern time and again, including forged, altered legal documents / insurance papers as he cited his motto, “You can’t live for the dead” just as he did with Rolf’s properties.
Kept surrounded, isolated, discredited as I continued my efforts to save the properties as well as myself. Too far outnumbered as the hell and taunting continued.
Ongoing attempts to seek help or file reports REFUSED!


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According to Wilbert G. Swieso, self-professed mastermind, this is the continuation of “Bonadelle’s secret water operation.” He talked of the central valley’s water being redistributed. Told me that he tied in ANOTHER water operation, which he said the experts were “too stupid” to figure out. Carrying on that he is braver than anyone else when it comes to breaking laws, including water regulations, he took me on a tour to show me where his portion was being re-directed (Sky Harbor, where he owned vacant lots.)
50+ yrs of rebuilding Fresno (and beyond) is now tied in to the so-called “water infrastructure upgrade.” Including Wilbert Swieso’s portion.
What our local, State and Government agencies do not want the public to know:
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Below: Within radius of 400’
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BONUS: This attorney was not only behind the fraudulent legal documents for Rolf’s properties, he handed the estate of murdered William Polzin 2 doors west. The murder remains “unsolved” because the City will not allow the facts, names or evidence to be documented. Also linked to more, 2 doors north. Upon being reported for fraud, this attorney (fake?) closed his office and fled, never to be seen again.
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Insurance agents also conspire with Wilbert Swieso in annihilation / takeover
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With my final departure being planned (ongoing chemicals, told I would be meeting the others, “In another world”, fraudulent legal documents, fraudulent life insurance policy on me), not only were the properties being stripped, vehicles / trailer switched.
CLICK: Eberwein Auto Repair (VIN Altering)
Upon later reporting that my home and surrounding structures had been rebuilt on top of cross-connected water lines, Senior Risk Analyst Kerry Trost yelled at me, “Too bad – that is YOUR problem since it is YOUR property!” Evidence of the CITY’S WATER SYSTEM IN THE ALLEY IS NOT MY RESPONSIBILITY – it verified EXACTLY what took place here. He then responded, “THIS IS OVER!” The man who accompanied the first risk analyst to commit perjury to deny what had taken place (as he smirked, “You will never prove it”), demanding that I was not allowed to speak to anyone but HIM, refused to acknowledge me any further. Contacting the City of Fresno was not allowed either – threatening letter reminding meI was not allowed to speak to anyone other than this man who COMMITTED PERJURY!
After the Restraining Order expired I went back to the City of Fresno, this time with photos and unaltered City records that verified everything that took place. Risk analyst, Kevin Watkins left me waiting for 30 minutes as he discussed the information with someone else. He then informed me that what I provided proved nothing. IT PROVED EVERYTHING! As for the sexual harassment, he implied that I created it and posted it to MYSELF! As you can see once again, I am not the person who alters City records to cover up what THEY do.
Brief meeting with Mike Sanchez, Fresno Planning Dept. was another farce.
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Meanwhile, behind my back, plans for Round 2 were taking place to rectify the cross-connected water lines I was called a “liar” about. This entailed more chemicals, incapacitation with alleged use of catheter on me for prolonged durations as these structures were torn apart again to rectify the cross-connected water lines. Neighbors rewarded again. My home was left a worse shambles than the first time.
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Once again all the rooms left smaller – more theft / altering of my belongings. Photos on my hard drive altered again to match the new layouts – including items in STORAGE!
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Round 2 would have entailed more discharging of sewage into the flower bed (along the garage) where the lines were moved again. I wasn’t thinking of that when I reached down and pulled a few weeds 2 weeks ago. My hand instantly became swollen – just as my feet did during Round 1. (Third Dr visit today.)
Note: The last time I spoke with the risk analyst who set us up for elimination then committed perjury to deny what took place, she admitted these structures had been completely rebuilt on top of this trash. She further explained that the City of Fresno was not responsible because, “The previous owner had it done.” She obviously thought I was left dead too.
I lost my family, means of survival, belongings, and will soon loose my home. Prohibited from help or even filing a report so nothing would be on record for any of this. The City now claims it never took place because nothing is on record.
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