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Trouble Creating GO FUND ME Account: “Looting & Altering Evidence at Fresno’s Colonial Van & Storage”

Need help in preserving evidence. Copy below: 
“City of Fresno has been caught having unsuspecting residents annihilated in order to seize properties behind the central valley water scam / high-speed rail project. Prohibiting reports pertaining to the trail of legal fraud, insurance fraud, title fraud, lootings, destruction / major reconstruction without permits / inspections (on top of the revised underground infrastructures), deaths, murders, illegal takeovers, alleged baby-selling operation and more. Decades of altered records, altered aerial views, scanned / altered photos not only serve to cover up what they are running, but evidence behind so many accompanying deaths / murders. 
Upon being exposed in the midst of another annihilation / takeover, Former Fresno Mayor Alan Autry (aka: “Bubba Skinner) prohibited reports, backed up perjury followed by threats against me for exposing the atrocities – including evidence behind the deaths of my family, several neighbors, friends and countless others. Not only had several attempts been made on my life, fraudulent legal documents had been prepared for illegal takeover of my family’s properties; fraudulent insurance policy on me while told I would be meeting the others (dead victims) “in another world.”

It was not intended I would still be alive. Poisoned, robbed, raped, stripped of a means of survival. The looting and destruction of properties continued. Mayor Autry had his risk analyst (Wilbert Swieso’s accomplice) sabotage insurance claims so nothing would be on record as one of his accomplices informed me that after I was dead, they (inc Wilbert Swieso of Principal Insurance) would seize the properties and file a massive insurance claim after the major fire being planned (gas lines beneath our 3 properties had been cross-connected into the “planted”/participating neighbors’ properties) as well as construction of a major restaurant on these lots. (2 blks east of the high-speed rail station.) This has been going on for decades – not only is this area (Tower District) lined with fraud, fires, deaths/murders illegal takeovers, they have trails being covered up. 
In fear for my life at the same time attempting to save my remaining assets, I hired Colonial Van & Storage; they came and hauled off 5 huge crates to their facility. Upon having 2 of the crates returned – I was shocked to see that most of the contents had been had been looted / switched with trash (as done throughout my home.) The movers claimed no knowledge / responsibility. Not only had pictures on my hard drive been altered to match what had been done – small batch of photos that were in storage had been scanned / altered to match the switched trash as well as ongoing alterations to the properties and surrounding area. 
Three (3) more large crates remain at Colonial Van & Storage including decades of photos. Those photos not only include evidence of the water scam, but evidence behind countless deaths / murders (and more) being covered up. 
In order to continue paying these storage fees I cancelled my family’s old phone (from the 30s), cancelled my cell phone, cancelled my life insurance policy, I am now on Medi-Cal and Food Stamps (Cal Viva.)  But the nightmare here in Fresno only got worse as a result of what I exposed.

In order to continue paying these storage fees I cancelled every account and service not required to stay alive (phone service, life insurance, etc.), I am now on Medi-Cal and Food Stamps (Cal Viva.) But the nightmare here in Fresno only got worse as a result of what I exposed.

I can no longer afford to continue paying the monthly $221 storage fee – help is needed. Please.”
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For some reason, I was unable to create a Go Fund Me account. 
What I am trying to expose affects countless people. Please help me preserve decades of evidence behind the atrocities accompanying the City of Fresno’s portion of the 60-yr water scam. 
Earlier post regarding Colonial Van & Storage ===> http://tinyurl.com/qz8wxp4
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Payments can be made to:
Colonial Van & Storage
6001 88th St.
Sacramento, CA 95828 
(ACCNT # KUE04289)
Or to my Paypal: ===> Paypal: themarla@softcom.net <===

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FRESNO, CA – 60 Yrs of Shocking & Horrific Evidence Being Covered-Up

Over the past several years, I have repeatedly described and provided evidence behind 60 yrs of rebuilding on top of the replaced underground infrastructures. Per several of the ringleaders – water diversion project. Using barbaric methods in altering the underground water infrastructures, paying off fake work crews, creating massive building / safety / health code violations. Followed by altered records, aerial views, re-printed old books / directories to make it appear things were always as they are now.
The altering of properties began in the 60s. We were only 1 of countless others targeted, including methods used in order to keep us oblivious as the initial alterations were underway. (Prominent City official was victimizing our mother at the same time leaving our father hospitalized due to alleged poisoning – they wanted us off the properties that long ago.)
CLICK ===> The Walnut Tree
I then exposed a criminal networking involving paid off / “planted” neighbors to surround, assist and lie / deny about all the above. I exposed local attorneys, insurance agents / companies, estate planners, Home Health personnel, contractors, realtors, alarm companies, property manager, title companies involved in massive fraud / corruption. From lootings, forged and fraudulent legal documents, fraudulent insurance claims, alleged disappearances, reports of poisonings (including Alzheimer’s victims), talk of a baby-selling operation, illegal takeovers, fake loan papers, title company fraud and more. All the while, I was called “crazy” and “liar” as all reports and evidence were prohibited from being documented.
I exposed citywide major reconstruction without permits / inspections. Methods and evidence behind ensuing mold – as well as accompanying deadly illnesses, lawsuits, fraudulent insurance claims. “Planted” tenants; “planted” buyers who rotate / intertwine.
I exposed the massive ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) violations created during street widening / narrowing of sidewalks as street lights, poles are re-situated leaving little or no room for wheelchairs. A procedure that entailed cutting fronts of property - compensated by extending the backs – entailing narrowing of countless alleys. Alleys so narrow, the garbage dumpsters and trucks could no longer fit. Recycle bins were introduced – set out and picked up curbside.
One of my earlier posts with photos re: citywide ADA violations accompanying the water scam. Wheelchairs being forced into the street – how many victims left dead? Officials use altered records to deny knowledge and/or responsibility.
Of course reports were not allowed – because records / aerial views have been altered to match the new layouts as if nothing changed. Olive Ave. is only one example:

Around the corner:

This is the sidewalk down my street.

My walk way, after property line cut back / moved over 8’

Once again, Police reports (vandalism to private property let alone what was being done to me as this continued) were refused so nothing would be on record.

Alley behind my home went from 20’ to 13’.

Throughout the years of this, the utility poles in the alley were being relocated. This one, behind my home, was moved 3 x prior to the picture below.

Some of my friends may recognize this picture from MySpace. Dated 2006. Notice the utility pole. What happened to the short pole that was there? You can see in the picture above this, the pole was replaced with the taller one YEARS LATER. This is more evidence of my computer networked with photos / evidence continually altered to make it appear things were always as they are now. (Feel free to copy this to your hard drive, so you can compare it again should it be altered back to the original photo.)

Below - more altered photos of this area - initially taken in 2006, look how they have been altered to the current layout as though nothing ever took place. Continually done on my hard drive, blogs and Notes as the alterations continue. In this case, the Laundromat underwent more major alterations during the last round of replacing the underground lines to cover up evidence behind all the murders here and surrounding area. Altering evidence to make it appear all of this is original? If anyone looked into this, they would find that the cover-up has magnified everything I have been saying all along. Same method behind decades of fires / deaths / murders and more. (Not to mention the fraud and activities taking place at this Laundromat during the early 80s, tying into what was being done to my parents who owned the properties across the alley. Horrific.)

Upon inquiring why so many storm drains were removed in the area (verified by several residents), instead of an explanation, I was provided with an updated photo / layout, as though nothing changed.
CLICK COPY ===> Storm Drains
I exposed methods behind utility theft i.e.: Main water shut-off valves removed with water-lines cross-connected into neighbors’ properties. Methods of tying into neighbors’ hot water tanks (electric / gas.) Cross-connected electric lines behind exorbitant bills. Cross connected gas lines for fires / arson. Telephone lines cross-connected into neighbors.
As for decades of fires, deadly shootings, illegal takeovers, and turnover of so many properties to the very people among this nightmare, many of them in the downtown / Tower District area have been (or now being) taken by imminent domain for the high-speed rail project. At a low cost no less. (And end of Proposition 13 recipients.) And yet there are no complaints. Can you figure that out?  (Hint: Look in recorded documents. Of course you will have to know the players to recognize the pattern.)
Look at the diagram below – surely you can imagine how easy all of the above has been, let alone the intertwining (“rotation system”) of participants.

It was not until I provided evidence and methods of accompanying deaths / murders that the City of Fresno reacted in such anger – yelling at me, calling me a “liar”, telling me I “imagined” what they did to my family, our properties and me as this took place let alone citywide.
It was not intended I would still be alive. Many attempts on my life had already been made. Upon providing the initial evidence behind the risk analyst’s (Rose Miranda) lies, I assume she thought I was already dead - after all, she was leaving a trail of dead victims as this went on. She agreed that all of this had taken place but, she explained, there was no record of it nor was the City of Fresno responsible because, “The previous owner had it done.” I went berserk - my family had been destroyed, Rolf left dead, I had been robbed, raped, catheterized as the properties underwent major reconstruction and left a shambles, 2 of the 3 properties taken by fraud, a mortgage on my home (as a result of trying to keep up with Rolf’s escalating medical care and damages to his properties I had no idea the City and their accomplices were behind) at the same time stripped of a means of survival. I demanded an explanation!
None of this was allowed to be documented, least of all evidence behind so many fires, deaths / murders. Using our Justice System for perjury, she recruited Senior risk analyst Kerry Trost to have a Restraining Order against me - once again calling me a “liar” (even denying their own street widening, relocation of street lights, storm drains, etc. that tied into all of this), calling ME a “danger to THEIR lives” and deemed guilty of “harassment” - as evidence was being altered, followed by Mayor Alan Autry having me threatened if I continued reporting or pleading for help!

Upon providing unaltered water layouts, unaltered photographs, and unaltered aerial views, I was yelled at again by risk analyst Kevin Watkins: “This proves nothing!” It proved everything. Including the perjury by the City of Fresno’s risk analysts Rose Miranda and Kerry Trost - backed up by Mayor Alan Autry.

Look again at the above diagram (2 pics above.) Regardless of the planted participants or the vultures behind so much fraud, lootings and illegal takeovers – these 3 question are for the property owners who were paid off to comply in the revisions- especially those who ended up with dead family member/s:
  • How could the above alterations have been carried out without replacement of the underground sewer, water, gas lines.
  • Why would the City of Fresno lie about this let alone have it done behind the backs of those who agreed to participate.
  • Why would something so dangerous be done without permits / inspections – let alone followed by altered records to cover up the evidence.
Hint: Sewer lines. Using outsiders / fake work crews to replace / relocate them without permits / inspections, tying into into the City’s replaced lines – timed to precision so their victims do not see the discharging of filthy, deadly, disease-carrying sewage, let alone the trail of deadly illnesses, respiratory, infections, amputations, staph, deaths. Not to mention so many pawns and participants also left dead after serving their purposes for those at the core.
Having the alterations carried out is one thing – keep in mind it is not over until the property has been vacated so the title company can alter the final evidence i.e., legal documents and plat maps. There is where the BIG payoffs are. Per the ringleader with 60 yrs invested into this – forging and altering dead victims’ insurance papers and legal documents while boasting, “No one will ever figure it out.”
Turns out, countless people already know about the water scam. But not the accompanying illnesses, murders, lootings, illegal takeovers.
Below – what took place on this end of the block as the City risk analyst was lying and setting up victims for elimination, properties being altered then seized. More deaths across the street as this took place. Trails of this.
Guess who is prohibiting reports / evidence? The very agencies / officials we are encouraged to trust and believe in.
Clearly, threats and altered records were / are not enough to cover up 60 yrs of this. Here are some examples of homes in the so-called “historic” Tower District. (Old blog, has been hacked into with much of the info / photos removed. Needs to be revised / updated but you will get the idea.)
Do you recall me stating that what took place here is at the core of hell, tying into trails of all the above and much more? Do you recall my repeated postings of a multi-million dollar cover up due to exposing evidence behind so many horrors (code violations, deadly illnesses, murders, etc.)? Do you recall me stating 3 rounds of tearing these properties apart in order to rectify the underground evidence of what took place here, each time leaving them a worse shambles than before?
In order to cover up 60 yrs of this, wouldn’t all the underground lines on this entire block (and far beyond) need to be completely replaced as well, since they are all connected, followed by MORE *updated* records to make it appear nothing ever took place or changed? Exactly as it began 60 yrs ago – 1 at a time, structure-by-structure.
More and more trees removed / roots cleared out of the way on various properties as this continues. Below is the most recent tree removed on this block (last week.)
Don’t forget where all the underground lines tie in = City property i.e., streets and alleyways. All of that must be replaced as well to cover up evidence behind 60 yrs of this. Lines down the entire alley were replaced AGAIN – yet no record for any of it. Including the tie-ins into the street!
CLICK ===> Pics and info
(Still looking for my pics of the chalk markings in the streets, which City employees were using to update their records AGAIN after another round of revisions to above / underground evidence.)
This is why all old records of Fresno have been discarded and replaced with the revised records. Revised aerial views. Historic photos discarded, scanned/altered or cropped so the surrounding areas are not shown. Online archives blacked out. Old books / directories reprinted with revised photos.
This not only explains why all reports and evidence were always prohibited – even resulting in more horrors and threats, it also explains the lootings of storage facilities. In the case of my family, generations of photos were stolen. Friends were recruited to comply with their photos. But they still needed to discard the photos in storage. Because unbeknownst to all these folks, far beyond their own participation or what they were programmed to do / believe - the photos verified evidence behind murders not to mention the lootings and time frames of all this and more. And of course altering more photos at the storage facility to match the most recent revisions to private and City properties as though none of this ever took place, would further protect those at the core from ever being found out.
The dead do not expose the atrocities accompanying the water scam. Nor the participants who are unknowingly recruited to participate without knowledge or warnings of the accompanying danger let alone the cause behind the accompanying illnesses, deaths (family, neighbors, etc.) while continuing to thank these people for all the “help”, reconstruction and in many cases, rewards for their participation (vehicles, money, etc.) Never realizing that help was not needed until these people stepped into the picture.
Destruction of so many families in addition to a trail of deaths accompanying the annihilations / takeovers behind CA central valley’s 60-yr water scam, there is a steady stream of vultures circling in preparation for seizing the assets. New participants are recruited and intertwine with those who do this for “a living.” Not wanting to be found out as they unknowingly cover tracks of the previous layer, the newcomers lie and alter evidence which in turn, protects the ringleaders who have been doing this for decades. The more participants who end up dead after serving their purposes, the deeper the truth continues being buried as this continues. Click on links below, a small sample of how this is carried out:

Friday, September 4, 2015

City of Fresno behind ONGOING LIES AND COVER-UP! Olive Ave., Tower District

Back in 1938, widening Olive Ave. (Tower District) a mere 2’ was front-page news! 

Olive Ave. remained a tight, narrow, 2-lane street.  Traffic was slow through Fresno’s “historic” Tower District but the thought of widening the street again was absurd.  The streets were lined with store-front properties – the destruction it would cause was unthinkable, the public (let alone property owners) would never agree. 

So how it is possible that Olive Ave. now has a middle lane? 


 Actually, countless people saw it being widened 1 block at a time over the past several decades.  But it was done so slowly, it did not call attention to what was taking place – the fires, reconstruction, the annihilations / takeovers.  Below – do you remember all these fires?  Keep in mind this does not include all the fires down the residential streets as parcels were being rebuilt on top of the revised underground infrastructures.

As the fires and reconstruction continued, property lines were being shifted in a “ripple affect.”  Below – this is not to scale, just an idea of what one block looked like “Before and After.”  Including Olive Ave. widened; side streets widened; relocation of utility poles, storm drains, etc. 


It had been going on for decades when, in 1991, the City of Fresno wanted to RE-ASSURE the public that Olive Ave. would never be widened. 

And here, in 2006, you see Mayor Alan Autry backing up perjury to deny the annihilation of several property owners (including my family and me) in order to tear the properties apart  and rebuild with trash on top of cross-connected gas lines for another Olive Ave. fire, followed by illegal takeovers – then have me threatened if I ever contacted or pled for help again.


Upon exposing trails of dead victims, pawns and participants, including evidence behind so many fires, murders and deaths that followed victims being deliberately exposed to deadly sewage (timed and deliberate) - fraudulent and forged legal documents / insurance papers of dead victims – corrupt insurance agents, attorneys and title companies behind illegal takeovers – multi-million dollar cover-up of evidence behind the fires and murders ensued. 

The City of Fresno then had more records altered, “historic” aerial views altered, photos discarded or scanned/altered to the current layout as “proof” that Olive Ave. was never widened.











Copies of my comments left on friend’s FaceBook post dated today - Sept 4, 2015.  Regarding corruption in Fresno, CA – including the very agencies claiming to serve and protect us.   Police Department, Coroner, Mayor  and more.  As long as I remain pinned down, called a “liar” about what the City and their accomplices die to my family and properties behind the water scam, all is well.  The City of Fresno and their accomplices behind the annihilations / takeovers are free to continue because as the City laughed, “Nothing is on record, therefore none of this took place.”  THEY PROHIBITED MY REPORTS!  Upon exposing solid evidence behind so many deaths / murders – multi-million dollar cover up ensued.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Death upon Death. Fresno, CA - Annihilation / Takeovers Behind Water Scam!!

City of Fresno is using unlicensed fake work crews to participate in altering of the underground infrastructures behind the water scam.  Impossible without reconstruction of connecting properties.  The fake work crews are assigned private properties - the City then ties in on public property.  As this continues, tree removal, street widening, relocation of street lights, utility poles, etc.  But there is no record for what is taking place.  Instead, our officials have records replaced with the updated, at the same time "historic" aerial views altered / overlaid to match the new layouts as though nothing changed.  Old books, directories, maps have been reprinted.  Online archived pictures removed / blacked out. Much more.


Making sure there is no evidence left behind - the looting includes storage facilities.

Click ===>  Storage Facilities being Looted / old records and photos MUST be discarded!

The death toll behind this operation is massive due to the sewage spills on every parcel as this continues.  Timed and deliberate, behind victims' backs, leaving a trail of horrific illnesses, infections, respiratory, amputations, deaths. 

And with rewards for every "turnover" of property - clearing the path has become a SPORT, with our officials prohibiting reports of fraud, corruption, looting, VIN altering op, real estate theft, attorney fraud, insurance fraud, estate planning fraud, title fraud, murder, alleged baby-selling op and more. 

The final evidence cannot be altered until the property has been CLEARED out.  Title companies alter the plat maps as properties are re-sold as "original" to unsuspecting buyers. 

Upon being caught IN ACTION - including setting up victims LEFT DEAD as structures rebuilt on top of the underground infrastructures, our officials stooped to name calling, perjury, Restraining Order, sexual harassment and threats if this was ever reported again.

When the lies, altered records and death threats were not enough to cover up what has been taking place for 60+/- years, the multi-million dollar cover-up ensued - still continuing with more records altered as though things have always been as they are now when in fact, nothing is standing as it was when originally built. 

The dead do not expose them.  Below - a small portion of the vultures accompanying this operation.  Reporting them is treated as the crime.

Eberwein Auto Repair http://tinyurl.com/yjuamu8
DiBuduo & DeFendis Ins.
Principal Ins re: Swieso fraud, susp homicides
Pic ===>
Attorney Fraud
Local Alarm Companies
Local Storage Company
Another Victim / Storage Unit Robbed
Eve ===>
Leila’s Tax Service
Lanny Tech
John Thompson pic ===>
Blob ===>
Larry Gibson Painting / Remodel
Pic ===>
Pic ===>
Pic ===>
City of Fresno, between being raped
Pic ===>
Wilbert Swieso - targeted us decades ago
Click ===>
Winslow Pic ===>
Next-door Neighbors from HELL ===>
Sheriff Re: Winslow evidence ===>
Attorney Referral Pic ===>
Jason / Secret Service ===>
Winslow: Boston Finney Fraud
Home Health Fraud
Rolf dead. Neighbors - amputations; death.
Pic ===>
My Feet after the sewage (Lucky to still have my feet)
Pic ===>
Portion of my RX’s / poisoning & infections from ongoing sewage spills
Pic ===>
City of Fresno – perjury to deny what took place, deemed ME guilty of “harassment” for pleading for help, R.O. against me followed by threatening letter if I ever contacted or pled for help again!
Pic ===>
Trail of illness, infections, respiratory, amputations, death follow the sewage spills – private & City property. So they alter records and deny all knowledge / responsibility.
Sewage ===>

Pic ===>
Pic ===>
Pic ===>

Think your officials are here to help / protect the public? Here are some older responses – there are hundreds. 

Attorney General 11/06
Pic ===> http://i.imgur.com/QopR6MF.jpg

Gov. Schwarzenegger 12/06
Pic ===> http://i.imgur.com/KmBP2Ut.jpg

Grand Jury 12/06
Pic ===> http://i.imgur.com/SXfxnQd.jpg

EPA 05/07
Pic ===> http://i.imgur.com/FqICttO.jpg

FEMA 09/07
Pic ===> http://i.imgur.com/V4yRZEC.jpg

Gov. Schwarzenegger 01/08
Exact SAME form letter from 2006!!
Pic ===> http://i.imgur.com/YWXJWCx.jpg


Pic ===>  ACLJ - May 2014

Pic ===>  Dept. of Justice - June 2014


Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Fresno, CA – Auto Theft, Drugs, Killings, More

Auto theft, drugs – at an all-time high in Fresno, CA. Per Jeffry C. Winslow (owner Mono Hot Springs Resort), massive VIN altering ring behind the annihilation / takeovers behind the City of Fresno’s water scam.

Behind my back as chemicals continued, keeping me oblivious to what was being done to my family or our properties – and with plans of leaving me dead as well, Jeffry Winslow was conspiring with Wilbert Swieso (self-proclaimed mastermind with 60 yrs invested into the water scam which he claims is a Bonadelle / City of Fresno venture – water diversion with plans of massive development) in the annihilations – with Eberwein Auto Repair behind the verified VIN altering. Told I would be dead and not needing anything where I was going.

Eberwein Auto ===> http://tinyurl.com/ot5tdyl

As you can see, I reported Jeffry Winslow for poisoning me with intent to kill – reports prohibited when linked to the City of Fresno water scam. Passed over to Mark (USAF as well as brother-in-law of local Councilman), mentioned in the link below, who left me in Emergency after alleged poisoning.

Secret Service ===> http://tinyurl.com/p2hn2n

Diane became the 7th wife of Jeffry Winslow’s partner – she had been recruited to play both ends (setting my family and me up for annihilation while portraying herself as my “best friend.”) Once she served her purpose, she pled for help claiming poison with intent to kill. By this point, her vehicle had also been switched with trash that did not run – leaving her at his mercy. Dead age 39. You will notice in the link below – her accomplice, also recruited by Wilbert Swieso (Principal Ins.) also ended up dead after serving his purpose.

Diane ===> http://tinyurl.com/l2elbjg

Trail of horrific deaths accompany the water scam – properties taken by fraud as the vultures zero in on the assets.


One at a time – 60 yrs of reconstruction on top of the secretly replaced underground infrastructures – so many health, safety, environmental, building code violations – our officials simply alter records, aerial views, directories, old books reprinted, etc. to make it appear that nothing took place – claiming no knowledge or responsibility.


Reports of poisoning, burglary, VIN altering, rape, murder – destruction of private property are not allowed. As you can see, my reports and pleas for help resulted in the City of Fresno / Mayor Alan Autry (aka: Bubba Skinner) having me called a “liar”, Restraining Order issued against me, sexual harassment, followed by threatening me if I ever contacted or pled for help again. Then came the multi-million dollar cover-up in the area because the evidence behind Rolf’s murder ties into countless others left dead using the same method.



Organized murders, takeovers behind Fresno’s portion of the central valley water scam. The dead do not expose them.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Old Photos of Fresno MUST be discarded! Looting, robbing storage units!

After Rolf was left dead, Mayor Alan Autry stepped in – the path had still not been cleared.  He used the same risk analyst (Rose Miranda) to continue lying about the cause behind recurring sewage spills as I continued being administered chemicals which not only resulted in horrific behavior, kept me sick and oblivious to our properties being looted, torn apart, and rebuilt with trash (very slowly, section at a time) on top of the City’s altered underground utilities.  Upon being re-hired by Wilbert Swieso at his insurance company (he is a former employee of the City of Fresno, who I did not realize was behind decades of doing this throughout Fresno / Clovis), I hired an alarm company to protect my home – then another, then another.  All 3 were involved in betraying me as theft and reconstruction continued.

As the horrors continued I saw this same risk analyst set up the neighbors on both sides – in the same manner she set up Rolf, who was left dead.

Neighbors across the street also left dead as this took place there.  Turns out my neighbors had been "planted" and invested decades conspiring with Wilbert Wilbert Swieso in the annihilation / takeovers of my family and our properties, in preparation for the upcoming fire - they were no longer needed.
Still unaware of their involvement or the magnitude of damages (including plans for my final departure) behind all of this, I pled for help from Mayor Autry – these neighbors were in great danger!  After refusing to acknowledge me, Senior Risk Analyst, Kerry Trost told me, “Mayor Autry is tired of hearing from you!”  Wilbert’s other accomplice (JCW) told me the one next door to the north was going to have his foot amputated and die – he also told me the one on the other side (Laundromat) was also being eliminated so the properties could be taken over – said my family’s 3 properties were also being taken, and after I was dead I would meet the others, “In another world!”  Sure enough – neighbor’s foot amputated, died age 49.  (In the next house 2 feet/legs amputated.  Both my feet, excruciating cellulitis, lucky they were not amputated.)  Owner of the Laundromat allegedly vanished; Swieso was seen forging the wife’s name on an insurance application, “You can’t live for the dead.”  Exactly as he did with the fraudulent legal documents prepared for Rolf’s properties in preparation for illegal takeovers.




Mayor Alan Autry had successfully cleared the remaining area Wilbert Swieso and Jeffry Winslow targeted decades earlier.  Can you guess who ended up with all these properties?  Keep in mind that alleged ID theft does not change the TRUTH! Nor this group’s trail of forgeries and fraud behind property takeovers.

Mayor Autry’s perjury and altered records are not enough to cover evidence of what took place here behind the water scam – so in addition to more attempts on my life, he had his group discard and/or scan/alter my photos to match the new layout (several boasted of doing this, RAB, Lanny etc.), which included the pictures on walls (frames cut down, original oil paintings replaced with copies on glossy paper), furniture that had been switched or rebuilt smaller to accomodate the smaller floor plan.  Flooring, windows/doors, eaves, toilets, sinks, bath tub, all replaced with smaller trash.  Garage/apt. also cut back; all contents stolen/switched; most of the plumbing no longer works – no longer habitable.  These “updated” photos make it appear nothing changed.  Items completely left out as though I never owned them.  And with my final departure underway, who would ever know or even question anything.

Mayor Autry then had my storage unit looted; photos on my hacked /
networked hard drive altered to match.  Of course as this was going on, so did
the poisoning, raping, catheterizations while incapacitated during
reconstruction.  Not only waking up in excruciating pain, one time finding
my mother’s beautiful, heirloom diamond screw-on earrings had been switched with
trash while I was incapacitated.  All reports and pleas for help were
prohibited.  Informed I may have made it further than any of the others, but I
would not make it out alive.  Alan Autry turned me into shark bait.

CLICK ===>  Looted at long-time, well-known local Moving Van & Storage Co.

The covering up of evidence is one reason all friends, family, neighbors of victims are befriended / recruited – all their photos must be altered as well.
Filing cabinets filled with my family’s photos – dating back to the 20s, stolen (b-i-l of Councilman W, also left me in Emergency after alleged poisoning.)  Every person I ever knew had been recruited; every friend of my parents (some were already involved that far back); even long-distance friends and relatives – they missed no one.  Of course payoffs are a great incentive to those who participate in this operation – from new vehicles, money, cruises,
some even end up with property!  While others are stripped of theirs.

On this particular trail – one finds in addition to dead victims, many of the participants also left dead after serving their purposes.  This, of course, leaves it impossible to connect the dots let alone lead to Wilbert Swieso or Alan Autry – they are free to continue while being hailed as “honest and credible” assets to the community.

Keep in mind that the water scam has been going on for 60 yrs – cities rebuilt on top of the secretly-replaced underground infrastructures.  Property lines changed.  Streets widened.  Relocation of street lights, utility poles, storm drains.  So much of this is being done by unlicensed, unqualified fake work crews without permits or inspections, there is no record for it – such as
what took place here or entire area behind the killings and takeovers.  Our officials simply have old records and “historic” aerial views altered to match the revisions as this continues, as though nothing changed.  Old books have been reprinted.  Revised old (new) maps and CDs being sold on EBay.  Title companies
alter the plat maps.

Mayor Alan Autry is behind perjury, Restraining Order, sexual harassment, threatening me if I ever reported, contacted or pled for help again!


You will find no GENUINE old photos of Fresno (unless cropped so tight surroundings are not shown.)  For example, here in the Tower District, our officials even deny widening Olive Ave. because it would have been impossible without the reconstruction of street-lined properties (including ours) which they deny.  Presenting them with witnesses the City's own un-altered water layout and un-altered aerial views resulted in GREAT ANGER!  Risk analyst, Kevin Watkins, first demanded to know, "Where did you get this?"  Referring to the water layout.  I got it from City Hall, where else?  He took the paperwork and returned 20-30 minutes later demanding, "This proves nothing!"  It proved everything.
Old photos verify 60 yrs of rebuilding on top of this trash - all the reconstruction without permits/inspections, massive code violations, this is behind cracked / leaking / cross-connected pipes, removal of main shut-off valves, mold, etc., which property owners are held liable to maintain.  Our officials have records, photos, aerial views, etc. altered to deny all knowledge / responsibility.  Here in the Tower District, it is behind all the fires, reconstruction, with a trail of annihilation / takeovers as the path was being cleared.  Of course they must have all photos discarded or altered - they are covering up evidence behind countless deaths / murders, illegal takeovers!!!

So you see, in order to keep all of this hush-hush, it is imperative to these people that all old photos of Fresno are discarded or altered.  Those who participate in achieving this goal are not held accountable – they are rewarded and protected from being found out. All reports of accompanying crimes prohibited - from burglary, rape, poison, forgeries of victims never seen again, property theft, evidence behind murders, alleged baby-selling operation, much more!

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