Friday, January 22, 2010

Fresno's risk analysts covering up more utility fraud

Accompanying the secret replacement of the city water system described here Click: Marla is the unauthorized relocation / reconnecting of utility poles. Same group - having records altered to cover up what is taking place, as though there were always this many poles and they were always standing in the middle of sidewalks.  Escalating ADA violations.


No record of various streets being widened or sidewalks narrowed. Denial of storm drains being replaced, because there is no record of the streets being widened - more altered records as though this is not happening?!? Below: Olive Ave. between Fruit and Palm Aves.

Not only did the risk analysts commit perjury to deny this taking place, they are using "planted" neighbors as "credible witnesses" that none of this took place. The same "planted" neighbors linked to the group behind the illegal rewiring, relocating/reconnecting of these utility poles. What better way to recruit / silence people than to offer free utilities. Although it could be easily verified, disclosure laws protect those who are "allegedly" stealing neighbor's utilities.

PG&E insists there is nothing wrong with their Smart Meters. With the office personnel looking at altered records, they also insist that their utility poles have not been altered, relocated, reconnected. Witnesses and photographs are disregarded - PG&E's office personnel go by their records ONLY. Take another look at those poles, in addition to the evidence that proves the perjury committed to deny this taking place. To begin with, since when did the City of Fresno's risk analysts take charge of PG&E's utility poles? When it accompanies the other lies and fraud. Altering public records to get by with endangering and deceiving the public should be enough to figure out where the problem lies. Hence the perjury, followed by death threats and sexual harassment.

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