Friday, January 22, 2010

With time running out, all I ask is this ....

..... unlike those before me, I want the truth about my death to be known. I, nor the others, were able to survive the municipal fraud taking place in Fresno, CA. The city risk analysts, Swieso, Winslow, Blob - the list goes on. The more I ever exposed, the worse things became.

Some time ago I was informed that I although I made it further than any of the rest, for me there was/is no way out. I refused to accept that finale and continued my battle. Even Winslow told me I would be meeting the others, including his former wife who he claims to have eliminated in order to pull this off, "in another world". Instead of accepting that finale I researched and exposed evidence that should have resulted in having this man stopped and investigated. Click: Winslow - Rags-to-Riches (He also took credit for what was done to my handicapped uncle prior to his death - gruesome.)

Clearly it is true - I did make it further than any of the others, including my family as well as neighbors on 3 sides who were left dead; attempted murder of me. Fraudulent legal documents, fraudulent life insurance policy, property insurance fraud, real estate fraud, same scenario done to others in order to "clear the path." This is a 50-yr operation - of course I am the enemy for surviving - hence, the close monitoring, sabotaging and ongoing death threats for exposing this nightmare. It is also true - there is no way out of this for me; I most certainly am going to meet the others, "in another world" as planned and attempted from the beginning. There is no help - reporting the atrocities was always treated as the biggest crime of all, including the City of Fresno's risk analyst who conspires in setting up various property owners for annihilation, followed by altered records to cover up the evidence. The City of Fresno supports what she did - including the cover-up of those who died after being DELIBERATELY exposed to raw sewage, followed by properties being taken by fraud in order to carry out the secret replacement of the city water system. They simply use illegally-altered records to call me a "liar" - evidence (including THEIR OWN RECORDS) is not allowed. On record, they have made ME appear the criminal; THEY are the victims. (Same technique as the "planted" tenants who conspired with Swieso in the hell and fraudulent lawsuits. Regardless that they never won in court, outsiders only see my name on record, which serves to further discredit me.)

Run? My home went from being valued at $200,000 to, according to one contractor, $35,000. Everything I owned was stolen / switched with trash - called a "liar" as insurance sabotaged so I could not file a claim for ANYTHING. Left unemployable due to the filming while being poisoned out of my mind. I mortgaged my home in order to keep the 2 income properties taken by fraud; the mortgage is now in excess of the value of my home. Run? Where. With what. I was left pinned into a corner with no way out for a reason - my finale. They still need a revised deed / parcel map for the final property on this block. Stay tuned - after I am gone, these properties will be leveled. It was not expected I would still be alive, which is why the switching and rebuilding with such trash. Unclamping the water lines was another technique. From what I understand, there was to be another fire and insurance claims - no one would ever know how they were stripped first either.

The attorney behind the fraudulent legal documents was protected by CA BAR Assn. Cover-up in Fresno The real estate fraud (more intercepting of Swieso), resulted in being cheated in excess of $1 million, also covered up. This is how Principal Insurance responded to reports of Swieso forging and altering insurance papers and legal documents. (Not only what he did to me, but as his former employee, I reporting seeing him do it to countless others!)

Keep in mind that there is no record or accounting for the operation taking place throughout Fresno - where is all the money coming from? It appears to be funded from property insurance claims, life insurance fraud and real estate theft.

In addition to the suspected homicides of my family members, this operation is behind the unsolved Polzin murder directly across the street. When I told that to the sr. risk analyst, who said I would never prove what took place, he laughed. (I did prove it, hence the death threats.) Another coincidence? Mr. Polzin's estate attorney was the same attorney who conspired with Swieso in the fraudulent legal documents for my family's properties - then closed his office and fled after being reported. Despite a reward for information behind the Polzin murder:

Running would not have been the answer anyway. I learned that lesson when D.F.B. thought she could escape these people. She pled for help, saying she had been poisoned with intent to kill. Just like me, due to her behavior while being poisoned, no one believed her. Deceased, age 39. D.F.B. was linked to another former boss, who conspired with Swieso in setting me up back in the 80s. He called me 2 weeks prior to his suicide (50 yrs old) - distraught, saying, "I can't tell you - you wouldn't understand." He was right - at the time I would not have understood. Not only because of the unknown chemicals but because I trusted him too. All I can do is look back. Not only do I see how these 2 people set me up for what was coming, I see how they were recruited, used and appear to have been discarded after their services were no longer needed. Although the evidence remains, an outsider will never figure it out.

At this point I can provide 60 names linked to poisoning, suspected homicides, disappearances. Imagine what would have happened had the information been looked into - how many others would have come forward with more information. Or if had exposed Part II - what is being done to residents without their knowledge. (Beyond belief - inhumane.) It was not allowed. The focus was always on discrediting me, making sure I was prohibited from even filing a report. That way, there would be no record or evidence left behind.

All I am asking at this point is that the truth behind my death not be covered up. The truth is behind the smokescreen, which I am ashamed to admit my own siblings were part of creating - chemicals used to turn me into a psychotic nightmare - filmed with hidden cameras. To outsiders, I could not appear worse - this is how my siblings collected $$$$. The "rotation system." Now watch how they (and nephews) will rotate out and who ends up with the assets. (It has been implied that 2 of my 3 siblings are already dead - if not, they will be.) As Winslow said, "After you get rid of the first one, the rest are easy." (Demonstrated in above link re: his former wife and her family? Same group, inc. same atty who prepared the first fraudulent legal documents!)

In Fresno, families are not entitled to be safe in their own homes - various City employees conspire in having targeted victims annihilated in order to have structures rebuilt (without permits or inspections) on top of the secretly-replaced water system without leaving witnesses or complaints. Records are then altered to deceive the public; new owners are held liable to maintain the clamped sewer and water lines as well as major code violations.

Please, at this point, do not assume or report me as being suicidal because I want the truth about my impending death to be known - I have NEVER been suicidal. Suicidal people do not invest the kind of time or energy as I did, in trying to survive. Try to understand that one does not need to be suicidal - when they have run out of time, it is that simple. And of course let's not forget that old saying, "You can't fight City Hall." Although my remaining time will continue being put into exposing this operation - I have seen this happen enough to know how the truth is twisted after victims are dead.

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