Friday, July 16, 2010

Fresno: Knowing when it is time to let go + be transformed

I am witness to the 50-yr water scam, which entails horrific crimes against innocent residents in order to "clear the path." Reports of poisoning, real estate theft, insurance fraud, suspected homicides, unsolved murders ~ and the attempted murder of me. I can provide names of 60 poisonings, deaths, disappearances, suspected homicides, and facts behind unsolved murders. Reports were not wanted or allowed ~ the punishment was perjury, Restraining Order and death threats against me. Public records were altered to cover up evidence and motive behind all the above.

It was not expected I would be alive to expose this nightmare. In preparation for my final departure, I could not look worse due to the many years of poisoning and hidden cameras while being set up for what was coming. When you can make your victim look worse than YOU, no one looks at YOU or YOUR trail. No one suspects that this has been done to countless others ~ because they usually are dead by the time it is over. Once a person's reputation and credibility have been destroyed, no one cares or questions their death or disappearance.

In "revenge" for my horrific behavior while being poisoned, everything I owned was switched with inferior look-alike. Larger objects had been rebuilt smaller. Built-in cabinets switched with trash. Windows/doors, rain gutters, toilets, flooring, replaced with trash. Photographs were scanned/altered to make it appear that nothing changed. It sounds absurd ~ why would an entire mob invest YEARS into the planning of something like this. Because things are not always what they appear to be.

For those who have been following my page/blogs, you have seen the evidence of structures being completely rebuilt on top of the City's secretly-replaced water system. By the time it is over, nothing is standing as it was when originally built. Rooms are no longer the same size. Victims are either eliminated or set up as I was ~ as a horrible person who deserved being robbed, raped, filmed with hidden cameras, and more. In reality, since I was the signature on the properties they were after, I was the one set up for annihilation in this manner. Behind closed doors, Click: Photos of my home.

The burglary portion of the operation followed the sewage back spills, which the risk analyst was lying about. This allowed for countless photos and everything removed for clean-up i.e., theft, replacement of cabinets, etc. My handicapped uncle, neighbors and I were being set up for elimination so all of this could take place - repeated exposure of raw sewage resulted in illness, hospitalization, which left no one home as major reconstruction was taking place without authorization. In the end, my uncle and neighbors on 3 sides were left dead.

Graphic photos of my handicapped uncle: CLICK HERE

People who are made to appear as horrible as I did while being administered chemicals, are not entitled to file reports, defend themselves, apologize, or seek justice for surrounding atrocities.

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So isn't it odd that if I was so "legitimately" horrible, the Court system was not used to alter / bypass my family's legal documents (Irrevocable Trust) instead of click: this method. Instead, Mayor Autry used the justice system for perjury and denial. Like the others, he could not afford the truth to be exposed let alone documented.

Aside from those behind this nightmare, others never saw beyond the smokescreen. Their loyalty remains to those at the core of this. I remain surrounded by this mob as the horrors continue.

No one is entitled to kill another person and/or family. To set them up for annihilation, poison, rob, rape, take properties by fraud, strip victim of means of survival + prohibit help. These are unforgivable sins ~ being committed by mob behind Fresno's water scam. Others are recruited when they see how easy it is to rob, annihilate and get by with it.

Strength is not demonstrated by continuing a losing battle but in having the power to let go and the sense to know when. In cases such as this, when there is nothing left and no chance of survival, suicide is not a sin ~ it is a tragedy. Forcing victim/s 2 choose death over ongoing hell/suffering is another form of murder.

Click: Is Suicide an Unforgiveable Sin.

In Fresno, one need not be suicidal to commit suicide ~ sometimes there is no alternative. Know when it is time to let go, move on and be transformed.

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