Friday, June 11, 2010

Fresno FBI involved in atrocities!?!

Clearing the path behind valley water scam described click HERE.

Fresno resident, L.O.G., self-proclaimed member of the Aryan Brotherhood, says his daughter (local FBI agent) is behind high-tech monitoring of targeted property owners which allows heinous crimes to be carried out without being caught. Beyond tapped phones and hacked computers ~ he says the method is so far advanced that no one will ever figure it out. He boasted of robbing and murdering, even offering to kill anyone I wanted. He said that with the help of his daughter's monitoring technique, he would never be caught and even if he was, she had the power to see that he was not held accountable for anything. (She has covered for him in the past ~ info upon request.)

It appears that L.O.G. is referring to surgically-implanted monitoring devices. In the past, I was told on 3 occasions, that was behind the TMJ ordeal I endured. I awoke in excruciating pain ~ my jaw had apparently been broken/dislocated. Although it felt like the back gum area on both sides had been cut, I could not open my mouth wide enough to see. I told my dentist I had TMJ. I could barely open my jaw wide enough to be fitted with a device, which I wore for 3-4 mos. My jaw never closed as it once did ~ in fact, those who told me what had been done to me actually laughed at the final result. To this day I can *feel* something imbedded. I am too scared to have x-rays ~ too scared to even tell my doctor. After all that has been done to me including the suspected homicides of my family, followed by death threats for exposing so much, I live in terror.

L.O.G. is linked to Wilbert Swieso, the self-proclaimed mastermind behind the water scam. Mr. Swieso leaves a trail of deaths, forged and fraudulent legal documents and insurance policies. Upon being targeted, he used the City of Fresno's risk analyst to set up my family and neighbors for annihilation ~ I am the sole survivor. Both income properties taken by fraud; home torn up and left a shambles (using trash materials inc. asbestos) now setting on top of corroded, clamped sewer/water lines. Insurance sabotaged, prohibiting me from filing any claims.

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Mr. Swieso says Mayor Alan Autry participated in setting up my family and neighbors for what took place. So is it really a coincidence that it was Mayor Autry who prohibited reports ~ instructing his risk analysts to commit perjury and have a Restraining Order issued against ME. Calling ME a "liar" about the deaths, destruction and major reconstruction of city and private properties ~ accusing ME of harassing THEM! See how they turned the tables to make ME appear the criminal. A legitimate investigation would verify cold blooded killings and much more behind this Restraining Order against me. (Including the unsolved Polzin murder across the street when the water scam took place on his property. Including the alleged disappearance of my other neighbor after being set up by Autry's risk analyst. Many others ~ see earlier blogs, complete with evidence.)

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Having been employed by Mr. Swieso in the past, I saw him carry out the same pattern with countless clients. Just as he did with me, fraudulent legal documents and insurance policies. See how he is leaving a trail of deaths followed by altered public records to cover up any evidence or suspicions of wrongdoing. Click Dear God, why do so many people have to die

I was informed that although I made it further than any of the others, for me there is no way out. That is true. I have been stripped of a means of survival as the horrors continue ~ prohibited from help or restitution, pinned into a corner with no way out. Against all odds I survived long enough to expose the biggest and most corrupt operation in CA history only to be met with the next nightmare ~ Mayor Alan Autry, who hammered the final nail in my coffin. Isolated, monitored, sabotaged, in fear for my life ~ death is the only way out of this.

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