Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Fresno, CA's Cross-Connected Water Lines!

Property owners are repeatedly reminded they are liable to maintain the sewer and water lines on their property - "at and after the point of their connection into the water meter service." Because THAT is where the hell begins.

Diagram from the City's web page.

The City of Fresno has a secret. For over 50 yrs, they have been replacing the City water system which entails reconstruction of connecting properties. By the time it is over, the sewer and water lines on private property have been left haphazardly clamped together.

The street widening that accommodates this is so extreme that trees are removed as blocks are made smaller.

Several feet cut off front lawns; back yards extended into alleys.

To make room, one structure on each side of the block is removed.

Lots of fires.

Yet you don't see empty parcels. Because one by one, all the other structures undergo "renovations." As this goes on, structures are slowly shifted down the block; all property lines changed.

Keep in mind this has been going on for over 50 yrs. People are "planted" until the reconstruction is done - that way there are no complaints about this being done without permits or inspections - massive building, environmental, building and safety code violations. By using a fake work crew on private properties, the City claims no knowledge! Then they carry out the major reconstruction on city property to tie it all in - then alter pubic records to cover the evidence.

Some structures removed as others expanded. In some cases 2 homes become 1 as they all shift down the block - rebuilt on TOP of clamped sewer/water lines.

After each structure is complete, aerial views are altered to make it appear that things were always this way. Title companies alter the parcel map to match the new property lines and structures are re-sold as "original" to unsuspecting buyers.

From the outside, everything appears in order. Yet as you can see, nothing is standing as it was when originally built.

The "Before and After" parcel maps are the first clue that something is seriously wrong with this picture.

The revised parcel maps no longer line up to the city water layout.

Example: The water layout verifies the sewer vent in this yard went from 2' to 10' from the fence/property line. (See 198' on diagram.)

Sewer and water lines were replaced with rotted, corroded, haphazardly-clamped pipes. The garage no longer has a separate water set-up as the diagram shows - it was cross-connected to the house. The main water shut-off valve for the house was removed.

All gas lines and utility poles have to be relocated/reconnected. More altered records to make it appear that nothing changed.

Reason for removal of main water shut-off valve was due to the water lines being cross-connected to the house next door. It appears the house next door is also tied into the hot water heater.

This has taken place from one end of Fresno to the other. (And beyond.) The City of Fresno is using altered records to deny all knowledge or responsibility for this horrific shambles of haphazardly-clamped sewer and water lines, not up to code, and in some cases cross-connected to neighbor's property. Shut-off valves removed so no control at the same time they continue to remind property owners they are responsible for the maintenance of sewer and water lines on their property.

After 50+ yrs, the City of Fresno was finally caught. They reacted to reports with name-calling, perjury and a Restraining Order against me.

At first, Senior Risk Analyst Kerry Trost, smirked, "You will never prove it." When I later addressed the issue of cross-connected water lines he responded, "That is YOUR problem, it is on YOUR property!" By this time I had the copy of the water layout and specifically pointed out that the water meter in the alley as well as the sewer manhole - both had been replaced/relocated just as I had been saying all along, which could not have possibly been done without the unauthorized reconstruction of my home. He then demanded, "This is OVER!"

As long as residents remain oblivious to the deceit and municipal fraud taking place, the City of Fresno gets by with lying and assuring residents of their integrity and efforts to improve the water system.

The City of Fresno gladly offers help and answers regarding the public utilities - until confronted with the TRUTH. Then they get nasty, threaten, commit perjury and refuse to even address the issue. By using altered records to deny responsibility because the problems are on private property, the City of Fresno is getting by with holding others liable to maintain a horrific mess they have created. That includes cross-connected lines resulting in various residents unknowingly paying their neighbor's utilities.

Now with water meters installed, it is a good idea to check all of them down your block - verify who is and who is not paying. According to Kerry Trost, Fresno water meters are on private property and not the responsibility of the City of Fresno when linked to cross-connected lines - therefore, residents should feel free to pull up the lids and investigate. (Do not rely solely on the meter reading because numbers are occasionally turned to make it appear there is service. Either go back and re-read the numbers or look for the rotating arrows.)

As for mold, termites, sick building syndrome - another chapter. These structures are not up to building standards nor seismic/earthquake codes. That is why you will find no record for the reconstruction - all done without permits/inspections.



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