Friday, September 4, 2015


Copies of my comments left on friend’s FaceBook post dated today - Sept 4, 2015.  Regarding corruption in Fresno, CA – including the very agencies claiming to serve and protect us.   Police Department, Coroner, Mayor  and more.  As long as I remain pinned down, called a “liar” about what the City and their accomplices die to my family and properties behind the water scam, all is well.  The City of Fresno and their accomplices behind the annihilations / takeovers are free to continue because as the City laughed, “Nothing is on record, therefore none of this took place.”  THEY PROHIBITED MY REPORTS!  Upon exposing solid evidence behind so many deaths / murders – multi-million dollar cover up ensued.


Marla said...

So many deaths accompany the annihilations / takeovers behind CA central valley’s 60-yr water scam, group of vultures circle in preparation for seizing the assets. New participants are recruited and intertwine with those who do this for “a living.” In order for the newcomers not to be found out, they lie and alter evidence which in turn, protects the ringleaders. The more who end up dead, the deeper the truth continues being buried as properties and assets continue funneling down to those at the core. Click on links below:
Eberwein Auto Repair
DiBuduo & DeFendis Ins.
Principal Ins. re: Swieso fraud, susp homicides
Attorney Fraud
Local Alarm Companies
Colonial Van & Storage
Another Victim / Storage Unit Robbed
Leila’s Tax Service
Lanny Tech
Three Strikes (Reynolds)
The Fresno Bee
Property Manager Mike
Fresno County Psychiatrist (Siegried)
Craig, accusing me of murder and MUCH more
Gang stalking (read comments)
John Thompson pic)

Marla said...

Neighbors also left dead
Barcellos (across street)
Larry Gibson Painting / Remodel – Pic 1 of 3
Larry Gibson Painting / Remodel – Pic 2 of 3
Larry Gibson Painting / Remodel – Pic 3 of 3
City of Fresno, between being raped (Pic)
Wilbert Swieso - targeted us decades ago
Jeffrey Winslow of Mono Hot Springs (pic)
Sheriff Re: Winslow evidence
Winslow: Boston Finney Fraud
Next-door Neighbors from HELL
Attorney Referral Pic
Jason / Secret Service
Home Health Fraud
Pic: Rolf dead. Neighbors - amputations; death
My Feet after the sewage (Lucky to still have my feet – neighbors amputated
Portion of my RX’s / poisoning & infections from ongoing sewage spills
Pic: City of Fresno – perjury to deny what took place, deemed ME guilty of “harassment” for pleading for help, R.O. against me followed by threatening letter if I ever contacted or pled for help again!
Trail of illness, infections, respiratory, amputations, death follow the sewage spills – private & City property. So the City alters records to deny all knowledge / responsibility.

1 of 4 pics
2 of 4 pics
3 of 4 pics
4 of 4 pics

Marla said...

Found it!
Fresno Man Convicted Of Murder In 2011 Motel Shooting Sentenced To 25 Years To Life