Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Fresno, CA – Auto Theft, Drugs, Killings, More

Auto theft, drugs – at an all-time high in Fresno, CA. Per Jeffry C. Winslow (owner Mono Hot Springs Resort), massive VIN altering ring behind the annihilation / takeovers behind the City of Fresno’s water scam.

Behind my back as chemicals continued, keeping me oblivious to what was being done to my family or our properties – and with plans of leaving me dead as well, Jeffry Winslow was conspiring with Wilbert Swieso (self-proclaimed mastermind with 60 yrs invested into the water scam which he claims is a Bonadelle / City of Fresno venture – water diversion with plans of massive development) in the annihilations – with Eberwein Auto Repair behind the verified VIN altering. Told I would be dead and not needing anything where I was going.

Eberwein Auto ===> http://tinyurl.com/ot5tdyl

As you can see, I reported Jeffry Winslow for poisoning me with intent to kill – reports prohibited when linked to the City of Fresno water scam. Passed over to Mark (USAF as well as brother-in-law of local Councilman), mentioned in the link below, who left me in Emergency after alleged poisoning.

Secret Service ===> http://tinyurl.com/p2hn2n

Diane became the 7th wife of Jeffry Winslow’s partner – she had been recruited to play both ends (setting my family and me up for annihilation while portraying herself as my “best friend.”) Once she served her purpose, she pled for help claiming poison with intent to kill. By this point, her vehicle had also been switched with trash that did not run – leaving her at his mercy. Dead age 39. You will notice in the link below – her accomplice, also recruited by Wilbert Swieso (Principal Ins.) also ended up dead after serving his purpose.

Diane ===> http://tinyurl.com/l2elbjg

Trail of horrific deaths accompany the water scam – properties taken by fraud as the vultures zero in on the assets.


One at a time – 60 yrs of reconstruction on top of the secretly replaced underground infrastructures – so many health, safety, environmental, building code violations – our officials simply alter records, aerial views, directories, old books reprinted, etc. to make it appear that nothing took place – claiming no knowledge or responsibility.


Reports of poisoning, burglary, VIN altering, rape, murder – destruction of private property are not allowed. As you can see, my reports and pleas for help resulted in the City of Fresno / Mayor Alan Autry (aka: Bubba Skinner) having me called a “liar”, Restraining Order issued against me, sexual harassment, followed by threatening me if I ever contacted or pled for help again. Then came the multi-million dollar cover-up in the area because the evidence behind Rolf’s murder ties into countless others left dead using the same method.



Organized murders, takeovers behind Fresno’s portion of the central valley water scam. The dead do not expose them.


Marla said...

OMG!!! I kept looking at this VIN altering verification by CHP – not only the altered print, but it no longer mentioned the windshield. Trying to figure out what it meant about a MISSING VIN plate?!? It wasn't missing - it was held down with Phillips screws – impossible to accomplish without removal of the windshield and dash!
I paid $5,000 for so-called “repairs” on a vehicle (immaculate condition) that did not even run another 100 miles – it had been switched with trash. Not even the ignition key was the same - all 5 keys (on ring with ProLock inserts) were stolen – I was left with only 1 set for this vehicle, the top portion of the insert broken (which none of mine were.) I still have the vehicle – kept it as evidence of what was done to it. So many times people have come to my door asking to buy it – I ask how they even knew it was back there. Neighbors (involved in the annihilation / takeovers) repeatedly suggesting I get rid of the “trash” vehicle. After all these years, I just realized the VIN altering verification had been altered – so I just looked through the windshield of this vehicle – the VIN plate has been REMOVED to match the altered paperwork! As if I took the vehicle to CHP because of a VIN plate I did not even realize had been altered?!
MORE EVIDENCE BEHIND EVERYTHING I HAVE BEEN POSTING - linked to what was done to my earlier family members prior to Rolf's murder, attempted murder of me. Years into cross-connecting underground utilities and plans for upcoming fire on these properties (tied into the neighbors' properties), illegal takeovers - no one would ever suspect what these "honest and credible" people / agencies are running. That is why all reports were prohibited - death threats followed after I showed evidence of this behind what was done to my parents back in the 60s!!!
Told I "uncovered too much" - multi-million dollar cover up ensued. Organized crime / murders behind CA central valley's water scam. Clearing the path - seizing the properties and assets. In this case use of chemicals to destroy me as the self-appointed vigilantes (vultures) zeroed in!!! The dead do not expose them - nor do they need their vehicles - RIGHT PATRICK / BUD EBERWEIN AUTO REPAIR?!?
Per Patrick's accomplice: "Stop complaining about the theft - you won't be needing anything where you are going." JCW told me I would meet the others (dead victims), "In another world." Lanny who participated behind Rolf's murder - "We all have to die anyway." Another one, "You made it further than any of the others but you won't make it out alive." No one would allow the trails of these monsters to be exposed.
Organized murder / takeovers. Poisoning, rape, VIN altering, legal fraud, insurance fraud, real estate fraud, illegal distribution of assets, alleged baby-selling operation - all reports / evidence prohibited as these people / agencies continue promoting themselves as "honest and credible."

Marla said...