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More reasons Fresno attorney should have been investigated

COPY OF BLOG POSTED JANUARY 2011 (updated links inserted.)

Lies, fraudulent legal documents, fraudulent insurance policies, suspected homicides, unsolved murder - clearing the path behind Fresno's water scam.

Look at all these deaths / alleged disappearances within a radius of 250.'  Altered public records to cover up what took place behind all of this.

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(Photo does not show the alleged disappearance of woman occupying other portion of duplex. Nor alleged disappearance of Laundromat owner 1 door west after being set up for annihilation by same risk analyst who set Rolf and me up. Or death of the man 1 door north after serving his purpose in Wilbert Swieso's secret sideline.)

City of Fresno would not allow information / evidence behind the unsolved Polzin murder shown above.  What about the attorney who handled the estate - that was Mr. Silva.

Click:  William Polzin's Unsolved Murder

I accidentally got away before this mob finished me off - as you can see my handicapped uncle and neighbors were not so "lucky."

Click: Down's syndrome man annihilated behind water scam

RECAP OF LEGAL FRAUD - all in preparation for illegal takeover.

In 1999, immediately after the death of my handicapped uncle, Wilbert Swieso (estate planner) hired me to work for him. At this same time, David Silva was setting up in the office next door to Mr. Swieso.  The title "bankruptcy attorney" was painted on Mr. Silva's door. He and Mr. Swieso were very close.  They attended Estate Planning Council meetings together. They "shared" clients. 

And they conspired in fraudulent legal documents.

Wilbert G. Swieso, CLU, ChFC told me my siblings were planning on destroying me - planning on leaving me homeless.  Over and over he told me to trust him - said he could not have been in business all these decades if he was not an honest man.  He instructed me to do as he said, if I wanted to be safe - I had to put Rolf's estate properties (that were to be divided among my siblings and me) into another Trust.  With Mr. Swieso and Mr. Silva repeatedly assuring me this was legal (which is was NOT), I agreed to do this for a short time - until I got back on my feet.  (I had just spent 14 yrs as a care provider to my father and handicapped uncle.)

Over and over, Mr. Silva asked me if I was in contact with my siblings.  No - ties had been severed.  Not until he was sure of this, did he proceed with the fraudulent legal documents.

I was being administered unknown chemicals at the time - these men set me up for what ensued.  No matter how hard I tried to get help or report what they had done to me - every avenue had been blocked.  I was being treated as the criminal.

Of course they needed me off the properties.  Big plans were underway - plans that began decades earlier.  Plans that verifiy what I reported done to my family, our properties and me. 

Click:  Behind the insurance, legal and real estate fraud - how a fire was being planned

Not accusing, just wondering ..... the empty office Mr. Silva was occupying - nothing to indicate he was an attorney.  How could it be so bare - he told me he previously shared this office with the other attorneys down the hall.   It was later when I contacted that office down the hall - the receptionist told me no one in that office knew who Mr. Silva was.  I never located 1 attorney who did know who Mr. Silva was. 

David A. Silva was still practicing law in June, 2003.

Here you see him practicing in June, 2004.

It was after that time when I reported Mr. Silva for fraudulent legal documents and conspiring with Wilbert Swieso in an alleged real estate theft operation (and more.)  Below is the response:

Mr. Silva knew he had been caught.  He secretly closed his office - absconding with his clients' money and files.

Despite the onslaught of complaints from his other clients who had been abandoned, and the fact Mr. Silva was not responding to CA BAR Assn., his fraud was deemed nothing more than an "accident" with no harm done. 

My response.

Mr. Silva was disbarred, however, closing his office allowed Mr. Swieso to avoid being investigated. 

As I stated, all I can do is look back.  Such as the time I asked Mr. Silva where he got his clientele - he said they were "referrals."  I never could find anything pertaining to Mr. Silva's legal practice.  Sure, his name is listed in CA BAR Assn. but after all the fraudulent legal documents and ID theft I have discovered throughout this ordeal, I wanted to find something more.  I looked in old telephone directories - nothing.  So I started from the beginning.

Below  - this states Mr. Silva was admitted into the CA BAR Assn. in 1990. Once again - why could I find no listings? 


I recall Mr. Silva telling me he had a son with special needs.

I also recall him and Mr. Swieso repeatedly boasting that Mr. Silva was previously employed by FBI but was fired. FBI = anything to do with Farm Bureau International?

Never did find anything showing Mr. Silva being an attorney.  

UPDATE 1/5/2013:  First of all I retract mention of "fake" attorney - I simply never found listings but that does not mean Mr. Silva was not who he claimed to be. 
=====>  CA BAR ASSN. - records indicate Mr. Silva is currently in the process of being reviewed for reinstatement of his license.  His court date is January 18, 2013.  Because I was never allowed to file a legitimate report pertaining to what this man and Mr. Swieso did to me (and what I saw done to others behind the water scam), he may very well succeed. 


Marla said...

Below: This 12-page document was filed July 28, 2011.
QUOTE: “Partly due to his prior career as a special agent of the FBI, respondent was particularly concerned with avoiding perjury.” (But he would conspire in fraudulent legal documents and possibly worse? I would like to see evidence of his FBI employment.)

CA BAR – Hearing Dept. – Los Angeles

Marla said...

Click ===> David A. Silva, Atty – being reinstated?!?

Marla said...

UPDATE! All the reconstruction was to cover up evidence behind the murders and the decades that went into setting up the properties for a major explosion / fire. Underground utilities were rectified so once these structures are demolished, the City of Fresno (with Mayor Alan Autry and Wilbert Swieso) will get by with denying this ever took place.
Click ===> Nightmare Neighbors From Hell

Marla said...

Here is another RECORDED document behind the fraud, which CA BAR claims does not exist.